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why i encourage lorem ipsum

Why I Encourage Lorem Ipsum

Recently I happened to read a post at Design Informer which states that “Lorem Ipsum is Killing your Design“. For those who’re not aware of it, Lorem Ipsum is a dummy place-holder text used by designers in their design mock-ups. Kyle says that Lorem Ipsum (referred to as Lipsum here after) kills your design and distracts client’s attention away from the design. In my humble opinion, i disagree with this. Lipsum is actually a boon to designers. Very often, creating awesome designs is not just enough. It doesn’t appeal unless it contains necessary amount of text. Lipsum saves the designer’s time by making him not think up new text every time.

Also, earlier when designers used Lipsum, clients used to wonder what it was. But, the practice is very common now that almost everyone knows about Lipsum. I’ve had clients who make simple mock-ups which themselves contain Lipsum.

And more than the normal Lipsum text, nowadays i use the more useful HTML-Ipsum, which wraps the classic Lipsum text with various HTML tags in various formats. What’s your opinion on this ? Do you think Lipsum kills your design ?

2 Responses

First of all I agree with you, in the sense that Lorem Ipsum is practically standard. Secondly I think that the arguments used by Design Informar are weak in comparison with the way in which Lorem Ipsum is presented as a problem. The Design Informar article is just hype to me.

In my opinion, Design Informer has a point too. Lorem Ipsum has distracted many client and causes other problems. Anyway, it is less of a problem than it has been projected as.