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what am i upto these days

What Am I Upto These Days ???

Hello everybody. It happens to be again and again. I blog consistently for some 6 months together. Then, for 6 months I don’t blog at all. Then, again I resume blogging. I don’t know why. And with this I’m resuming blogging 😀

So, what was I doing all these days ? Actually I did a lot of useful things.

  • Learnt Game programming in C++. I already was pretty proficient in C++. I began to use Allegro library. To test my skill, I recreated the first level of classical Mario. It is 80% functional. You don’t know how much excitement it gives you unless you develop your own game 🙂
  • Began to learn Java. Everybody knows that it is one of the important languages to be learnt by every programmer.
  • Learnt 3D designing. This one’s using Blender. I know the basics of it now. But am not using Blender much nowadays, because my system has very less memory. Gotta upgrade it soon.
  • Bought a Nokia 5800 XpressMusic, after selling my 5310. This touchscreen’s very cool.
  • Watched a loooot of English movies. I’ve exhausted almost the entire list of IMDB’s Top 250. Why ? Deep inside I’ve the ambition to direct a movie 🙂
  • Did a lot of freelancing. Most of them are PHP projects. Some XHTML works and some Logo designs. And am still doing. So, if you’re looking for a freelancer, don’t hesitate to contact me.
  • Switched back to good ol’ Firefox from Google Chrome. A separate post coming up on why I did this.

So, from now on I’ll be blogging quite consistently. In the past, I covered mostly blogging related topics. From now, I’ll expand this and will be posting about anything Geeky. I assure you that it’ll be interesting.

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Learnt game programming in C++? That’s impressive. I still need to learn flash and some other PHP stuff. But I really want to make video games. I’d like to make another version of Zelda.

Oh Zelda ? Thats cool. You might wanna check out this site. Thats where i began to learn.

And, me too still doesn’t know anything in Flash 😛

Welcome back. You should also schedule to learn Ruby and/or Python. Different style of programming altogether. Very cool.

Thanks 🙂

Yeah, I’ve always wanted to learn Python. Also, I’ve always liked the community around Ruby on Rails. I’ll be having holidays in June. Maybe I’ll give it a try then.

3D design is one of my hobbies too. I use Maya and 3ds Max.

Will you show some of your works in your blog?

Thanks for the heads up Chris 🙂

In my next post i’ll post my Game and my first 3D work (very very basic one).