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5 Must Have Pages on a Website

September 9, 2007 by Hari

A 404 Not Found page on Technorati reads as “Sorry! We have a zillion pages, but not that one”. Thats nice text for a not found page. But, your users wouldn’t like to see it when trying to access few important pages. What are those pages ? Lets see…

1) Contact Me

The contact page is the most important page of any blog. I do have a Contact page here and all bloggers who are serious about blogging have one. It not only helps your readers interact with you, but they also let you know of any errors that might pop up on your site. You don’t have one & don’t know how to make one ? Never worry. Kontactr is a service that i created, to make contact forms easier. It takes less than 30 seconds to setup your contact form (that depends on your Internet speed though :-P).

2) About Me

This is something that would make your blog more personal. It is also a part of personal branding. When they users get to know about you, they become more loyal to you. Take a look at some about me pages. I know that i don’t have an About Me page here. The reason is that i’m not able to come up with a good one. I will try to put one soon.

3) Advertise Page

If you seriously want to make money online, an Advertise page is a must. I don’t have one as my blog is new and doesn’t have Pagerank yet. I’m expecting PR4 in this update and if it hits, i’ll put up one. Check out John’s or Nate’s advertise pages to know what should be put up in an Advertise page. I do have an Advertise page on my other free webmaster resources website. Does it meet John’s and Nate’s quality ?

4) Search Page

The search feature comes packed with WordPress. But, if you have a Non-blog website, you should really consider getting your own Search facility. I get irritated when i see websites without a search box. You might give Google Co-op a try. Thats works very well.

5) Sitemap

A sitemap is helpful not only for Search engine robots, but, also for human visitors. It helps them find what pages are where. There are lots of sites (even a wordpress plugin) that help you create a sitemap for a robot. But, you should manually gather the links and organize them properly to make a sitemap for humans. Check out these sitemaps of some giants : Google, eBay, Apple.

If you’re new here, you may want to subscribe to our RSS feed. Thanks.

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Favicon Generator

July 16, 2007 by Hari

There are a number of Favicon Generators available on the web(here, here, here and many more). But, these just generate the icon from a Picture file that you upload. These are useless if you don’t already have your image. But is very impressive. It provides an online image editor exclusively for creating Favicons. It has a very nice large interface for drawing and also shows the live preview of how the icon would look in a web browser. It is in beta stage and i hope they improve it a lot by adding more tools, like Ellipse, Rectangle, Line tool etc..

People can generate Favicons for their own website or even create and publish an icon which will be listed in their gallery. There a lot of cool generic icons available, that you can choose for your website if you don’t have one already. I’m planning to create a favicon for GotChance. Lets see how it comes.

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Digg’s iPhone Version Live

July 11, 2007 by Hari

Digg’s iPhone version website is now live over here. Kevin made the announcement on Digg’s blog and also on Pownce yesterday. You would need an iPhone or Safari’s Webkit software running to see it working properly. You can browse the normal Digg website on your iPhone too. But this is faster and makes things simpler by taking advantage of some of the iPhone user interface.

Some features in the iPhone app:

  • Native iPhone-like story scrolling
  • Mini permalink pages with top 5 comments
  • Login and Digging
  • Pagination
  • Jump to any topic

Top Stories (24 hours/7 days) feature is coming soon. Looking forward to see iPhone versions of more site in few days.

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Piratr – All in one Sharing Site

July 3, 2007 by Hari

Today, i received an email from Jack of Piratr, telling me about the launch of their new singapore based sharing website. The website has been scheduled to launch on 07-07-07. He didn’t tell anything much about what site it would be. This was all he said:

You might be thinking, what is all about? Well, i’m letting you in on a secret about We are going to launch a all-in-one sharing website. We are based in singapore and this will be the first singapore web application ever. If we dont have your support, who will?

They are planning to get the news to as many as possible before the launch. So they are running s contest and are giving away a free Nokia N70 Music Edition Mobile to users who subscribe to their mailing list before the launch. So, go now and try to get your hands on this one. Just 4 more days. So, let us wait and see.

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No Comments » – My latest Craze

July 2, 2007 by Hari

The site that i am really crazy about, is, the Yes/No Question & Answer site. I came to know about it on TechCrunch, but didn’t have time to try it out. And yesterday, i gave it a go and it was very cool. It is something that you would get addicted to, when you try it. I am now a addict. In my opinion it is a lot more cooler, better and advanced than its competitor Jyte.

I recommend this to anyone, who has free time and loves fun. If you’d like to add me as your friend, you are very much welcome. Here is my profile link :

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Wetpaint Please Touch – Virtual Painting

June 21, 2007 by Hari

WetPaint, the free wikis website announced recently the opening of a new site called “Wetpaint Please Touch“. It is a free website that lets anyone with Internet access become a virtual artist. Like a Wiki, which allows users to create written content that can be shared and edited online by multiple users, Wetpaint Please Touch enables visitors to easily create an online painting with the input of their friends.

Designing an online masterpiece with Wetpaint Please Touch is free and incredibly easy. Would-be artists can navigate to and click on the “Paint” button to begin their group art project. Starting with a blank canvas, the user can dabble with a variety of painting tools and colors to create their mural. Photos and text can also be added to the painting. Once the masterpiece is complete, the canvas can be forwarded to friends so that they can contribute additional touches. Once finished, the paintings are automatically exhibited in an online gallery located at Visitors to the gallery can explore and rate their own paintings as well as those of others. Wetpaint Please Touch artwork can also be downloaded to post on other Wetpaint sites, MySpace pages, and Facebook profiles; or emailed to family and friends.

I tried a painting. But, unfortunately it didn’t turn out well. So here are a few examples from the Wetpaint Group Art Gallery :

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Yahoo acquires Rivals

June 21, 2007 by Hari

Today, Yahoo has officially announced that they have acquired Rivals, the college sports site. Here is the link to the press release. Though, the price is undisclosed, TechCrunch reports it to be $100 Million. provides the best coverage of college and high school sports on the Web, maintaining more than 100 college-specific sites and posting hundreds of updates each day. It also satisfies high school fans by following games and news in more than 35 states. is also known for being the place for college sports fans to chat and share information, stats, and photos. In fact, its message boards are among the most popular in sports, and an important part of the business.

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