Got Chance

upgraded to wordpress 262

Upgraded to WordPress 2.6.2

For a very long time, GotChance was running on WordPress 2.3.3. Though I knew, upgrading was something easy, due to some unknown fear I did not do it. Today, I overcome the fear and successfully upgraded to the latest WordPress 2.6.2 🙂

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I use the Automatic Upgrade plugin… does everything, backs up the DB, downloads the latest WP, installs it…

Nice 🙂

I tried that… But, it didn’t work out well for me.. So only i upgraded manually..


I also used the automatic upgrade plugin and it worked like a treat!

Wow the automatic upgrade plugin is good for upgrade with easy…..

I am upgrade no found difficult

Hari, do we have to inactivated all the plugins before we upgrade our wp ?

Yes, we have to do that.. I followed these instructions.


Automatic upgrade pluging is good to use, found no difficulty in it.

WordPress is great, but only with child themes if it comes to custom design and updates… 🙂

I fretted over upgrading and put it off for a few months, than I tried the AU Plugin, and it was done in seconds! It was a huge weight off my mind!

hi,. i’m from Indonesia. could you give me some advice about how to move domain to other hosting services and restore backup file to new host

thanks for your help


The automatic option almost always works for me. It’s definitely a nice feature if you have multiple blogs. Now only if other scripts that i used had auto-updating. 🙂

until now, I’m still afraid to upgrade my wordpress, because I do not know how to upgrade. please tell to me. thanks

@Felix, upgrading wordpress i really simple.. Just follow these instructions or use the automatic upgrade plugin

@firmanullah :

1) you first have to put your site down for maintenance

2) then, update your nameservers to point to the new host

3) move your files and database to the new host

4) after about 24 hours or after you are sure that the name servers are updated, deactivate the maintenance mode

Glad you took the plunge and upgraded. I’ve been very happy with the latest WP!