Got Chance

Do’s and Don’ts for Online Dating

Oh, I’m going to enjoy this piece. This piece is for all the millennials and the teenagers out there that want to go online dating various people. Please pay attention to this piece. I’ll be speaking from my experience and the experience of my friends. Let’s go. 

Why are the Do’s of Online dating 

Always Trust your Instinct 

Whenever your instinct gives you either a vibe or a feeling, always trust it. Your instinct is your inner self telling you something your consciousness does not understand. You could have conversations with yourself too and get to understand what is happening. That helps you know. 

Make sure you tell someone around that you are going to meet your date from the internet 

Always tell somebody that you will meet that fine guy or that fine girl from the internet. Always give them the address and let them know exactly where you are going. This would help in case anything, and I mean anything, goes wrong at all. 

Make sure you select a public place for your first date 

Make sure you are not in a hurry to go to their apartment or to their personal space where they have the advantage, and you don’t have any power. Best to meet in a public place in the presence of people. Three to four dates and then get to know them very well. 

Be aware that they could ask you for money. 

Money requests are a thing you know. You could meet someone online, and oh, they could look so beautiful and everything, and before you know it, they would start asking you for money. So you should know what you want out of these online dates. 

Make sure you tell your friends about your interactions with online dates 

Let your friends know what is happening. So no one is caught by surprise. Or no one would not know what is happening till something horrible goes wrong. 

Why are the Don’ts of Online dating 

Do not give out your private information 

This is the number one don’t. Make sure you don’t give them your private information until you and your online date have met and you have a lot more in common. 

Do not be in a hurry to meet them. 

It would be best if you had detailed conversations with them. Make sure you know them a lot before you meet them. That would help you a whole lot. 

Whenever you meet them, do not drink too much vodka 

Just try to stay as sane as you can. This would help you make very right decisions all through the evening or date with your online date. 

Make sure you don’t enter the sob story trap. 

I would end this piece by telling you that you’re the owner of your life. We live by God’s grace, our instincts, the power to sense vibes from the moment we meet and feel someone. The second someone feels off, flee immediately and save yourself from saying, “Had I Known.”