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A Couple of Google News

August 25, 2007 by Hari

Google is undisputedly my favorite company ever. I was excited when i read about two cool news about the Google.

1) GPhone is coming

TechCrunch pointed out to a news article on Rediff, that mentions that the Google Phone (GPhone) might be out in a fortnight. The article also states that Google is in talks with a couple of Indian mobile service providers, which is absolutely fantastic. And, for this reason, GPhone may hit India before iPhone does and will be more popular than iPhone among Indians. This is what makes Google different. They see India as a potential market, whereas the others don’t.

2) Orkut ReDesign

This one is more official than the GPhone article. The orkut blog announced today that there is a redesign under the works. They will be releasing it to groups of users in the coming weeks. This is awesome too. As everyone knows, Orkut is the most popular social network in India and Brazil and i’m a fan of it too. But, why ? It has a more of an Indian touch. I don’t know how else to explain.

This redesign is definitely going to be a successful one. So far, the comments about the design are positive.

UPDATE : Google Discovery has more pictures of the new design. Vinay claims thats the new design has been enabled for him. He has some screenshots on Flickr. Can’t wait to have it on my account.

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Safari doesn’t obey Windows’ Shortcuts ?

July 28, 2007 by Hari

Today i found something really weird. I was making a small change to this theme (actually made Pings and Comments separate) and wanted to test out in all the browsers. So i opened up my Firefox, Internet Explorer 7, Opera and the recently launched Safari for Windows. After checking everything in all the browsers, i presses Winkey + M, which is meant to be a “Minimize All” command. But, the Safari windows was still maximized. All others went down to the taskbar. I tried few more times. The same happened. I am one dumb man when it comes to System bugs, so, i thought “Might be due to the fact that Safari looks different from other Windows ?”. What a crazy doubt. Anyway, to clear this up,i opened my Pownce Adobe Air application. It obeyed it very much.

So, might this be a consequence of the never-ending MS-Apple war ? Who is to be accused for this ? Lol.

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Youtube’s Customizable Player

July 20, 2007 by Hari

YouTube have today, launched a new feature called “Custom Player”. With this, users will be able to create their own customized video player. They can choose the name, descriptions, content, color theme and layout of the player. There are two types of layouts available currently. One is the usual player and the other is a wider one with the related video being displayed on the right. The content feature allows users to include their own videos or other videos from a YouTube Favorites List or YouTube playlist. This new custom player feature can be accessed via

Here is an example of my favorite video played in the player that i created to follow the color scheme of GotChance.

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Google’s new Social Network

July 9, 2007 by Hari

Today, Google System repported that Google is sponsoring a new social network project at the Carnegie Mellon University’s Human-Computer Interaction Institute whose initial goal was to “rethink and reinvent online social networking”. Google seems to be doing this mainly due to failure of Orkut, which is popular only in India and Brazil. I’m a great fan of Orkut.

The network, titled Socialstream, is able to “draw content from a variety of sources. Socialstream would be based on a unified social network (USN), a single network that provides social data to other sites as a service. A service model allows many social networks to be linked together, letting them share both content and the nature of the relationships of the people who use them.”

Socialstream emphasizes improving social connections by making it more efficient to communicate with, share with, and view the social content of all the people in a user’s online social network. Socialstream provides a compelling user experience because it aggregates content across many different networks so a user has a single location to discover new content and communicate. The goal of Socialstream is to present social information in a way that ties it to the person who posted the information, and not the site from which it came.

Take a closer look at SocialStream :

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Video Review of Pownce

June 29, 2007 by Hari

I posted a bit of information on Pownce recently. And after reading Aidan’s comment, i visited his review on Pownce. It was a nice read and it also lead me to posts on Center Networks and Mashable. There was a video review of Pownce on Center Networks, and it looks very nice. And i can’t wait for the public version of it. It going to be very useful for many.

Here’s the video review :

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Google Docs Folderized

June 29, 2007 by Hari

As posted earlier, i prefer online offices over MS Office and other stand-alone office suites. I always use Google Docs for my spread sheets. They have now announced a new feature – Folders. When i was using Yahoo mail, i loved the folder thingy and here at Gmail, i loved the “Starred” folder. And now, we have both of these here at Google Docs. It has a great new look too. Hopefully they, now, need to work more on the the features available within the editors. Its very minimal now.

Here’s whats new :

  • Looking pretty – The entire document list has been given a complete visual overhaul – new icons, more content, and better organizational controls. We know users spend a lot of time here and we aim to make it feel more like home.
  • Getting organized – Almost from the day we launched people have been clamoring for folders. They’re here! Even cooler, our new folders continue to work like the tags they’ve replaced – your old tags are automatically converted to folders and documents can live in more than one folder at a time. Organizing your documents is as easy as dragging and dropping a document to a folder. We’ve also included special controls for seeing only those documents created by you or shared with a particular person.
  • Search that thinks ahead – If you’ve ever tried Google Suggest, you know how cool it is when a search engine offer suggestions as you type. Google Docs & Spreadsheets now works the same way – we offer dynamically filtered results from your document list as you type, saving you time and getting you to your documents more quickly.

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Pownce – Kevin Rose’s Start up

June 28, 2007 by Hari

pownce.jpgFew days ago, it was rumored that Digg’s Kevin Rose has been working on a new startup. And now it here. It is called Pownce. The founding team of the company also includes Leah Culver, Daniel Burka, and Shawn Allen. Pownce is a way to send messages, files, links, and events to your friends. You’ll create a network of the people you know and then you can share stuff with all of them, just a few of them, or even just one other person really fast.

Kevin made the public announcement on his blog today. Its still in private beta. However, they have have a way to request invitations and i have requested one. Hope i get it soon.

Right now, there are four basic things you can send: messages, links, files, and events.

You might send an event out to a dozen of your friends letting them know you’re hosting a party this Friday. They could easily get the event details you entered, respond with questions or comments and then quickly rsvp.

Say you had a great photo you wanted to share with all of your friends. Just add the file and all of your friends will get it right away. They’ll be able to reply and tell you if it’s cool. You could even post songs you recorded in your home studio to share with your friends.

Guy Kawasaki’s Truemor was talked all over the web. But it turned out to be a failure. Now Pownce is being talked all over the web since Kevin is behind it. Hope this doesn’t end up with the same story as Truemor.

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