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single download link that changes automatically

Single Download Link That Changes Automatically

If you are familiar with WordPress, you should know that the WordPress site has a link If the current release is 2.7, that link will download version 2.7. If 2.7.1 gets released, that link will download that for you. I’ve always loved that feature. So, when I recently launched my open source script Rotatee, I decided to steal that feature. So, if you visit, it’ll automatically download the latest version for you.

This can be achieved by a very simple method. If requires you to edit your .htaccess file in your domain root folder. Simply add this line to your .htaccess :




You have to update this file with the new link once you release a new version. In my case, it is currently:

RedirectPermanent /

This is the way I do it currently. If you know a simpler method, do let me know. And the advantage of using this technique is that you can simply refer as "download the latest version here" and point to this link when you write blog posts or anything like that. Also, if you have "Download" links through out your site on many places, you need not update each of them individually. You can simple point them to this link.

Of course, this technique must have some other uses too. But, I can’t think of any, at the moment. If you know, do share with us.

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The latest download feature of wordpress is indeed good. However I wouldn’t really go with the .htaccess approach.

Are you serving the file statically? If that’s the case only .htaccess makes sense. Otherwise you can simply start streaming the latest version without any need for redirect.

Secondly, I don’t think it should be a permanent redirect, in your .htaccess you should do a 302 redirect.

In fact an external redirect is not required an internal rewrite will be sufficient to serve the correct file. This way the actual location of the latest version is never exposed and people don’t ‘bookmark’ the old version. :)Would love to hear from you.

Hey Jeet,

Firstly, I don’t understand what you exactly mean by serving the file statically ? Yes, the file is stored on the server. So, it is static.

Secondly, why do you suggest 302 redirect ?

I used external redirect because my project files are stored on Google’s servers.

Static means served directly from the file system rather than through a script.

A 302 redirect is suggested because it’s NOT a permanent redirect at all. It’s a temporary redirect to (say) version 7.1, after a month it will redirect to version 7.2.

I understand the reason for external redirect here. But for those hosting the file on their own servers, it might make sense to just do a URL rewrite.. I hope you agree..

Anyways, it would be great if you can also give another .htaccess syntax to your readers.

RewriteRule latest.gz FULLPATH_TO_LATEST_VERSION [R=301,L]

Yeah, it is a static file..

And yes, a 302 redirect seems logical than a 301 redirect.

Yeah i agree with you that a URL redirect is just fine for a file hosted on the same domain.

I’ve now added the other syntax also to the post. 🙂

Interesting approach to this. Wouldn’t it be just as easy to upload a new file and fix the link on the page to that new file?

Hey Bill,

That sure is possible.. But not the easiest.. Just that, this method simplifies the process and also gives you some advantage..

We had been doing it Bill’s way at work, but when I showed them your post the boss changed it. Thanks Hari!


🙂 Cool.. Glad it was helpful..

wow.. very Cool.. Really very helpful.. will implement this soon in my blog

nice trick, will give it a try when i setup my blog soon

thanks for the tip. i’ll try and implement this in my blog

Do you have a similar solution for ASP on IIS?

I want ask:

RedirectPermanent / or ??

thank you

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This is such a cool tip. I can totally use this on one of my sites right now. I never thought about using the .htaccess to handle this situation. Now I can provide a static link and point that to any location on the server. VERY COOL! So simple, yet so effective. Well done.

I’m coding a PHP script but haven’t figured out how to serve the download system. I needs stats, among other features. Nice information you have here. Keep it up!

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