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Safari for Windows ?

June 12, 2007 by Hari

Apple’s Mac web browser, has today been released for Windows too. Will it be as useful as Quicktime on windows ? The answer probably might be “No”. Within few hours of the release, many started posting about bugs in Safari for windows.

  1. Thor Larholm
  2. David Maynor
  3. Ryan Naraine

But, i have always been eager to use Mac and Safari. So i grabbed a download of Safari and tried it out. Wow, i loved the interface. Now, i would badly need a Mac But as posted here, here and here, the font rendering looks horrible. I’m not sure if there is any cure. But i will continue to use Firefox. However, i’ll use Safari to test my design layouts.

Again, i love the interface very much. This is my first experience with a Mac interface. The menus, which are very similar to the ones on Yahoo’s web messenger look great with the cool shadows.

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