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safari doesnt obey windows shortcuts

Safari doesn’t obey Windows’ Shortcuts ?

July 28, 2007 by Hari

Today i found something really weird. I was making a small change to this theme (actually made Pings and Comments separate) and wanted to test out in all the browsers. So i opened up my Firefox, Internet Explorer 7, Opera and the recently launched Safari for Windows. After checking everything in all the browsers, i presses Winkey + M, which is meant to be a “Minimize All” command. But, the Safari windows was still maximized. All others went down to the taskbar. I tried few more times. The same happened. I am one dumb man when it comes to System bugs, so, i thought “Might be due to the fact that Safari looks different from other Windows ?”. What a crazy doubt. Anyway, to clear this up,i opened my Pownce Adobe Air application. It obeyed it very much.

So, might this be a consequence of the never-ending MS-Apple war ? Who is to be accused for this ? Lol.

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