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GotChance is a geek’s blog. It is aimed at bloggers, designers, developers, marketers and webmasters. I blog about WordPress, Blogging, SEO, Web design & development, Marketing etc..

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Site Statistics (updated January 02, 2009)

  • Google Pagerank : 4
  • Daily Unique Visitors : 120+ (approx.)
  • Daily Pageviews : 260+ (approx.)
  • RSS Subscribers : 104

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New Design Goes Live

newthemeAfter two days, the new design for GotChance has gone live today. If you are reading GotChance via RSS, you might want to come over to the blog to check out the new design.

Some of the features of this new design :

  • Pretty much, I’ve retained the color scheme from the old design since I love blue very much. I’ve changed the color of the sidebar to a light brown.
  • Simplified Header : The header now has no images other than the logo. This improves page load time.
  • Rich Header : Instead of having a plain header with just the navigation links, I’ve included more in the header : 1) A photo of me 😀 2) Popular Posts and 3) Subscribe Box
  • Looots of icons : I’ve used a lot of icons in this design for many purposes. All the icons are from famfamfam’s Silk icon set.
  • Sharing options after post : Now, there are direct social sharing options after the post. And also a subscribe box 🙂
  • Rich Footer : Also, I’ve added more information to the footer too, as you can see.

And, as I said, I a learnt some new stuff in this process. I’ll share them in my next posts. Stay tuned…

When To Use A Magazine Theme ?

Magazine themes for wordpress. A lot of such themes are available both for free and for sale. To check out a long list of magazine themes, check out this post and this post. I’ve also written two posts (one, two) comparing some magazine themes. Most of these themes look great and attractive.

Many bloggers who are starting up tend to get tempted by these designs and start using them. But, as the name suggests, these are aimed for magazine-style websites and not for general blogs. Of course, no rule tells you not to use a magazine theme for a blog, but still your writing need to satisfy certain basic qualities to get the best effect.

1) Many Categories

Do you tend write posts under a variety of categories ? Then, magazine themes are apt for you. Because, these themes help you manage them efficiently.

2) Images for Each Post

Most of these magazine themes have a thumb rule to display a small image next to each post on the front page. As I said, only little things like these make such themes look good. So, you must pay attention and add unique image for each post.

3) Video Blogging

Also, many magazine themes provide a separate area on the homepage for displaying video. Of course, you can add videos from Youtube and other video sharing websites. But, video blogging makes this space look much more personalized.

4) Update your Blog Often

These magazine themes give a very professional look to your site and thus users will expect professional content from you. They’ll like you to update your blog very frequently. “New Articles” on the homepage is displayed for a reason, and not to display the same articles for weeks together.

5) Less Interactivity

This is not a proven concept. But, my opinion is that, these themes give less priority to commenting. And the comments and the comment box are less visible to the user. Thus, it might affect the level of interactivity of your blog.

These are just my opinion. What do you think ? Have you used magazine themes on any of your blogs ? What is the effect ?

Back into Action

After a long gap, I’m resuming my activities on the web. From today, I’ll be blogging here regularly… Also, I have few other works before me too.. Firstly, I should finish and put up Then, lots of tweaking for my site As a first step, I’ve launched the color customization feature for the "AJAX Widget" on Kontactr. You can find it in your account area. I’ll make a separate post about it later.

Also, i came to know about retaggr and I created my card. Here it is :

New Popular Twitter Followers

Today morning, i received two emails from Twitter. I was quite surprised to see them. I rarely use twitter. You can tell it easily by looking at my tweets. But, today two persons of high repute started following me. The first is Darren Rowse from ProBlogger and the other is Patrick Altoft from BlogStorm. Though i’m excited, i’d like to know the source… From where did i get these two followers ? I don’t have a link to my Twitter page from this blog. Neither i use Twitter often. So, any idea how i can find this out ?