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Is It That Important To Get Rid Of WordPress Search ?

Today, this post from ProBlogDesign popped up on my Google Reader and made me wonder “if it is that important to get rid of WordPress search ?”. I know i’ve already written about WordPress Search. But, it is a topic worth taking a second look at. Quickly read through that post and do the search on ProBlogger today. The post that i mentioned has been promoted to 17th position from its earlier 12th position. How cool.

WordPress, sure, is an awesome piece of blogging software. But, why is the search functionality of WordPress so poor ? What are the basic flaws ?

  • Search results are sorted according to date, while all search results should be sorted according to relevance.
  • WordPress searches only “title” and “content”. While that may be logical for a “blog”, the search SHOULD include comments, author, category etc.. For eg, when i search for “Hari”, it is supposed to bring up all the posts written by me, with the priority being as follows : 1) having “Hari” in title. 2) having “Hari” in post content. 3) having “Hari in comments. and 4) lastly, doesn’t have “Hari but was written by me. But what happens actually ? The top results are the posts which contain the word “sHARIng”. How funny…
  • Another example is when i search for “Advertising”, it is supposed to bring up the posts from my Advertising category. But, only one post from that category actually appears in the results. Whether or not the post contains the term “Advertising”, i (a human) have classified it under Advertising. WordPress should give priority to my classification rather than some dumb SQL query.

I noticed that some of the top blogs on my Google Reader have replaced WordPress Search with alternatives.

Is Google CSE the only Answer ?

Google CSE is a really good service. But, should you use it on your blog ? With the “google”ish layout and the Ads, you completely lose the blog feel of it. Also, for an average blog with many hundred or few thousand posts, the Google search algorithm is not absolutely necessary. You can live with certain changes to your WordPress Search algorithm. For details on tweaking your WordPress search, do take a look at this post.

Do you have any other suggestions to improve WordPress search ? Share with us in the comments.

Opening Advertising Options On GotChance

For the past few months, GotChance was ad-free except for some Adsense that showed up only to visitors from Search Engines. Now I’m opening Advertising options on GotChance. This includes 125 x 125 ads on the sidebar and sponsored reviews. For more details, check out the Advertise page.

Advertise On GotChance

GotChance is a geek’s blog. It is aimed at bloggers, designers, developers, marketers and webmasters. I blog about WordPress, Blogging, SEO, Web design & development, Marketing etc..

Most of GotChance’s readers own a website/blog and are interested to try out new products be it something related to blogging, design services or advertising options. Advertising on GotChance is a right choice if you’d like to gain some publicity for your product or website.

Site Statistics (updated January 02, 2009)

  • Google Pagerank : 4
  • Daily Unique Visitors : 120+ (approx.)
  • Daily Pageviews : 260+ (approx.)
  • RSS Subscribers : 104

I offer different advertising options on GotChance. To order an Ad, email me : shrihari[at]gotchance[dot]com or use the contact form at the bottom of this page.

1) 125 x 125 Sidebar Ads

  • $10/month
  • Appear on all the pages throughout the blog
  • Very good visibility, above the fold
  • No rotation, your ad will be shown on all pageviews
  • Maximum of 6 Ads in rotation

2) Sponsored Review

  • $25/review
  • Best ad option, maximum exposure
  • I’ll write the review
  • 1 link with anchor text of your choice
  • Review will reflect my opinion, not guaranteed to be positive

14 TIPS – How To Become The Next John Chow ?

John Chow If you are a blogger, I bet you’ve heard about John Chow who makes more than $30,000 from his blog alone every month. He is a inspiration for many bloggers, including me. So, are you wondering how you can become then next John Chow ? Here’s how :

  1. Name your child the unconventional way. Register the name‘s domain name before naming your kid.
  2. Go grab a good digital camera. Take HQ snaps of whatever you eat and post them on your blog regularly.
  3. Love Cars. Write about them. Post pictures of them. Have one in your header if possible.
  4. 7 out of your ever 10 posts should be from ReviewMe, STRICTLY.
  5. After all, your blog should be a make money online blog.
  6. But, make only one post on making money online. Make all the others OFF-TOPIC.
  7. You should dump your blog will all kinds of ads under the earth : Peel away ads, Stripe ads, 468×60 banner, 300×250 banner and what not.
  8. Place a bunch of completely irrelevant links on your sidebar courtesy of Text-Link-Ads.
  9. Get slapped by Google, banned by Digg and kicked out by Technorati.
  10. Google Adwords is for advertising. But, you are John Chow. So, use it for sending IMs to other bloggers.
  11. Be an evil Panda killer.
  12. Eat Evil, Sleep Evil, Think Evil and be the Root of all Evil.
  13. To become the next John Chow, you must first kill the existing John Chow. Yeah, the Nike-way, just do it.
  14. Last but not the least, if possible, change your name to John Chow. You can still top Google for that name.

Note : This post was not written with the motive of hurting/insulting John or any of his great fans. After all, I am also one.

6 Places To Push In Your RSS Feed Icon

RSS Subscriber count is an important parameter in judging a blog’s success (or failure). Also, RSS readers form the loyal readership of a blog. Check out my old post to know how to increase RSS subscribers. The topic that I’ll be dealing with, in this post is different. Its regarding the placement of your RSS Feed Icon. The more prominently visible it is to the visitors, the more readers you’ll gain. Lets see in detail where all you can place your RSS Feed Icon in your blog.

Above The Header

Above Header

This refers to the top most position of your blog. When your page loads, this is the area that loads first. Also, it is very much visible and suitable for throwing up your Subscriber count as well…

In The Header

In Header

The header is the most prominent area of your blog and also the most attractive, in most cases. Your RSS Icon will be noticed quickly if placed in the header…



Almost every blog has a RSS Icon located on the sidebar. Many blogs even have an Email Subscription box on the sidebar. It is the place where many visitors look out for a Feed Icon…



After viewing a post or a page, a visitor normally ends up at the footer of your website. So, its useful to place a link to your RSS Feed over there…

After A Post

After Post

This is one of the most effective positions. When visitors see a “Subscribe” link right after they finish reading a post, they may be effectively converted into loyal readers. Many blogs have begun to implement such links…

Before A Post

Actually you can place RSS links above or below a post using the What Would Seth Godin Do plugin. I’m going to do a little experiment with this place, by showing a Subscribe link only to visitors from search engine. I’ll do a write up on it later…

Here on GotChance, I have Subscribe links on the header, sidebar, after the post and also in the a footer (which is less prominent). As a said above, I’m planning on a new experiment. Where all do you have your RSS Feed Links ? Is there any other possible place where we can push it in ?