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running web apps on the desktop

Running Web Apps on the Desktop

There are lots of ways to run Web Apps on the Desktop. But, the one that came with Google Chrome became my favorite. Mainly because of its simplicity and inbuilt Gears support. I started creating such “application shortcuts” and as I usually do, I put up these shortcuts in the taskbar.

I prefer Web Apps for various reasons. Like, they don’t occupy any space in your hard drive. They are much more simpler to use than desktop apps and you can access your data from all over the world.

Recently, I began to use Twitter a lot and so I was searching for a desktop client. But, most of the popular ones were Adobe Air apps and I didn’t wanna install Air. So, I decided to use a web app. Since, I needed simplicity, I went around looking for “twitter for iphone” and found this website. I simple opened it in Chrome and created an application shortcut. Now, it sits there on my desktop as a simple Twitter client. Similarly, I have created the shortcuts for Gmail, Google Reader and Remember the Milk, all with Gears support. Also, I have LiteSum for quick Wikipedia look up. With the upcoming Greasemonkey support for Chrome, this Application shortcut feature will become much more useful.

Similarly, I’m looking for more simple apps to add, preferably iPhone version of sites, because they have simpler interface. Do you know any ? Do you have any such Web Apps on your Desktop ?

Check out a screenshot of my desktop running these web apps. (Click to enlarge) :

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I never know web apps could give such advantages. thanks for sharing your knowledge, I must learn a bit more about this web apps though. Honestly, never heard of it before.

looks neat.. I’ve got my desktop totally pimped with a few gadgets.. gotta try my hand on web apps now 🙂

feel free to let me know if you find any site like that can be useful as an app on the desktop…

Isn’t there quite some security risk with this?

Anything web on the desktop is always something I have avoided as it would be just too easy to accidentally add something that was sending my bank passwords off into the night.

No, there is no risk in this. This is still a website running from a browser. Just that the browser window is totally dedicated to that specific site…

Thanks for sharing your knowledge

You can do the same things with a web application browser (search for X-Appl), plus you get a bunch of other features that Chrome doesn’t have.

X-Appl looks good.. Have to check it out.. Thanks Francois for the info…

Thanks for sharing your knowledge