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Would You Pay for new RSS Subscribers ?

February 28, 2008 by Hari

Back in july, we came across a service called Buy Blog Comments. After that, its now time for paying for your RSS Subscriber count. A new service called RSSXplosion(.com) lets you “Buy” RSS Subscribers. These “bought” subscribers just subscribe to your feed, they don’t read it. Why ? Because they don’t exist.

I read about this site on Ian Fernando’s blog. Something that caught my eye was that they have used my quote (from this post) about RSS Subscribers. Though i hate the service, i feel prestigious to have been quoted along with Mark from 45n5 and John Chow(:D).

There are some reasons why one would not use RSSXplosion :

  1. If you are so much interested in raising feedcount, you can sign up yourself with many feed readers or many accounts with a single reader and subscribe to your blog’d feed from each of them.
  2. A common way of faking the RSS Count is to use someone else Chicklet, but linking to your own feed. This is often found out. So, instead you can display someone else’s feedcount in plain text. (though i’m displaying in plain text, i’m not faking it. you can check out my chicklet here.)
  3. If you feel that the above method is difficult, you can just put some Big number in plain text and link it to their feed. Like DeafMusician(.com) which claims to have 6.24 Billion RSS subscribers. The screenshot (in case it is removed) :
  4. It hurts your reputation once people come to know that you have bought subscribers. RX isdefinitely not going to be profitable. So, if they close down, you’ll lose all your”bought” subscribers. Better to stay away.

And coming back to this quoting stuff, though the owner of RX has got the rights to use quotes with appropriate credits, what Ian Fernando says is right :

The owner of RSSXplosion is using popular authors and bloggers to associate with this pathetic service.

What do you say ? Would you buy RSS subscribers if your count is low, or you’d better be honest to your readers ?

UPDATE: Don’t ever bother to visit the two non-linked websites. RX is useless. DeafMusician does all sort of childish things like the faking feed count, using images without credits, disobeying copyrights etc…

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