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rotateecom launches Launches

RotateeHere it is today… After working on it for so long, i’m finally launching today. As i said in my last post, Rotatee is a remotely-hosted banner rotation service. It can also be considered as a simpler and better alternative for my GotBanners plugin. Users can get going in three simple steps:

  1. Create a campaign
  2. Add the ad codes that you wish to rotate and assign them a weight
  3. Just place the one-line code, that Rotatee gives, on your website

For more details, check out the site The site is in closed beta. But, as the readers of GotChance, you can get a taste of our service before others do. Just enter “gotchance” as the invite code to Sign up. (This is not like the testing mentioned in my previous post. All data will still be there even after the site opens to the public). Hurry, it is only available for first 100 sign ups.

Looking forward to hearing your comments and suggestions…

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Damn… i just spent the last half hour installing your Got Banners plugin! 😮

Ah well, looks like invites are finished for Rotatee 🙂

Oh ! The invites aren’t finished yet…

Why ? doesn’t it work correctly for you ?

Never mind, I was being a bit thick, never saw the invite code in your post. Signed up! 🙂

Cant seem to get the invitation code to work. I enter it. put in my information then hit enter and it says invalid code.

Jason, that seems weird. Which browser did you use ? I don’t encounter such a problem. Even, many other have signed up without any issue.

Please try again now, i’ve made a small change in code which might fix this problem if it exists…

I was using Opera. Tired it in FF and worked fine. Still wouldnt work in Opera though.



If you tried in Opera, maybe try clicking the “submit” button after entering your details, instead of pressing Enter key.

wow, congratulation on your new site! wish you a success!

Thanks a lot icetech 🙂

*cheers* for another free tool… keep it up!

Thank you Pinoy 🙂


I loke this plugin too much, but seem I have problem with config the plugin, when i use this as widget on my sidebar, it notice that problem with “fopen” when get txt file. how do i solve it.


Thanks for the tips.. I’ll give it a try too

The invites are still not over…and I’m glad. Just signed up. Thanks 🙂

I’ll be using Rotatee temporarily for a small ad network, but if things go well, I’ll be contacting you for building a web app that automates the ad network (since you’ve advertised your services).

Gladly, Sumesh 🙂

I’ve used banner rotation before. It works pretty well.

Banner rotation is one of my preffered methods to advertising my sites.

Are you still using Rotatee?

I’ll check it out right now!


This an interesting piece of software. I’d say it’s a simpler and easier to use then a Open X but not quiet as advanced. Not bad for most ad rotation though.

Great article, trying to subscribe to your site but Im having some troubles.