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Why You Shouldn’t Post Vaccine ID Cards Online

Oh yes, you’ve gotten either one dose or two of your Covid vaccine and you’re so happy you want to post your vaccine ID cards on the internet to oppress people that have not gotten it. Well sorry to burst your bubble, you’re not supposed to be doing that. And I’ll be explaining Why You Shouldn’t Post Vaccine ID Cards Online.

It just feels like the end of the tunnel is finally here. It’s more than a year now that the world has been struggling to survive through this pandemic. You’ve finally gotten your vaccine and as I stated earlier, you want to show the world that you’ve said goodbye to Covid forever. Well, you really should be careful because of the following reasons;

Reasons you should not post your vaccine ID cards online 

You should not post it because you have a lot of personal information on it 

Your personal information like your birth date, the day you got your vaccine and a lot of things are on that card. 

You could be at risk of identity theft 

Because your details are on that card, someone can copy it and try to act like you. Use those data and perform horrible deeds. You know the world is evil yeah?

Your personal information could be organized like a puzzle 

Because your personal information is out there, the hackers would just gather all they could and then spoil your name or do very horrible things in your name. 

Where you were vaccinated is showed 

All these details that you post online could go into very bad and dangerous hands. That would not be good for you at all. So you need to keep all these things safe. Okay?

It is not just the cards used to tell that you’ve gotten your vaccines.

Your full names might not be so risky. But other information like your DOB could be really risky and dangerous. 

It is also very tempting too. And doing things that are tempting like this could cause more havoc than you can imagine you know. The amount of risks involves are risks you don’t even want to think about. 

You need to be careful 

You should think about the things you post on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, Instagram, and Snapchat. These could be pitfalls that could easily get you involved in very wrong things you know. 

My thoughts on Why You Shouldn’t Post Vaccine ID Cards Online

I rarely post all of these personal items on social media. I simply only post photos of my self especially when I go out to chill and to have fun. And the reason I do so is to feel good because life is for the living and you only live once. That’s the reason. So that’s why. But even then, if I get these vaccines, I could post my card online and block all the sensitive parts out. The general idea is for the world to know I’m safe from Covid. Do you understand?