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What are America’s Fittest Cities?

A lot of Americans are making efforts to live healthier lives. However, some cities are already at the forefront of the fitness race. According to a 2019 article by USA Today, taken from the American College of Sports Medicine and the American Fitness Index, here are the 10 fittest cities in America based on people who eat sensible food and who have healthy active lifestyles, low smoking rates, and low rates of chronic diseases like diabetes and heart disease.

10 Fittest Cities in the U.S.

San Diego, California

It is easier for San Diego residents to be really fit, because of the many beaches in the region. The American Fitness Index reports that 75% of residents exercise frequently and only 11% smoke.

Hartford, Connecticut

Hartford is the town with recreation centers, parks, swimming pools, and many other amenities. These amenities made them second on the list of America’s Fittest Cities.

Salt Lake City, Utah

The residents of this Salt Lake City love eating various types of fruit, which are low in calories and fat. They are the kind of people to indulge in multivitamins from Centrum, or supplements from brands like New Chapter, Genestra, and Irwin Naturals. A large percentage of them are healthy and active.

Boston, Massachusetts

Boston is well known for having the annual Boston marathon, which touts the fitness-mindedness of local residents. The city was made for taking walks and long runs. People in this city have low cardiovascular mortality rates and lower diabetes levels.

San Francisco, California

You can find racing boats around San Francisco’s Golden Gate Bridge. In this city, 98% of people are able to easily access a park. It’s usually around a 10-minute walking distance for some. And walking is great exercise!

Seattle, Washington

The survey carried out showed about 50 percent of Seattle residents live in good or excellent health conditions. Although the city is characterized with a rainy climate that may cause depression, it has relatively low reports of mental health issues.

Portland, Oregon

This city ranks high on the index of America’s Fittest Cities, people in Portland live very close to parks and farmers’ markets for purchasing fresh food items that are healthier than fast food.

Denver, Colorado

About 83% of people living in Denver have their houses located at about 10-minute walk from a park. Many people here engage in physical activity and love to exercise.

Minneapolis, Minnesota

Minneapolis made this list because of its many playgrounds, parks, ballparks, and farmers’ markets. The cold weather does not reduce the residents’ physical lifestyle, as a lot of them take part in lots of physical activities.

Washington, D.C.

Washington D.C. has been sitting at the number one position as America’s Fittest City for three years now. Its abundance of parks and shady paths make it a perfect location for fitness lovers who live there and visitors too.
Do you live in one of America’s Fittest Cities?