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Taylor Swift Releases New Album, Fearless (Taylor’s Version)

Let’s talk about our girl. Hey Taylor. We about to talk about you. See! 

We all know that Taylor Swift released a great thrilling version of her 2008 album Fearless on Friday. This marks one of her first significant steps in her mission to get control over the material she produces. This is happening after Scooter Braun acquired and later sold out the rights to about six of her first albums without letting her know about it. 

Taylor later made it known publicly about this re-release of this album on Friday. She stated that was the night everything changed on Twitter, the social media platform. 

Taylor’s Version of Fearless is one of the first six albums that Swift plans to re-make to control her music ultimately. Those songs were sold without her consent or knowledge. 

Taylor released a brand new version of Love Story from the Award Grammy Winning Album in the middle of February. This didn’t have any date to get announced. 

This album had twenty-six tracks that had songs no one had heard of before. A lot of the songs were hinted at by Swift through a very slim message that was hidden. When she was releasing Love Story (Taylor’s Version) was where this hidden message stayed quietly. 

Taylor swore that she would do whatever it took to get her music back. After Ithaca Braun Holdings got her music catalog in 2019, she completely opposed the acquisition in anger. There she told everyone that whatever was happening at the moment was what would have happened in her mind as the worst-case scenario. Brian was accused of being a bully, and he tried to destroy her music legacy. Her music catalog was sold later to Shamrock Capital. All of these were done without her consent or knowledge. There were several different failed attempts to get back the rights. Swift swore to re-record everything. After recording Fearless a second time, she had 2020 that was quite productive. She dropped two albums which surprised everyone, and they both topped the billboards. 

Taylor Swift fought with the Utah Based theme park because it sued her for not following the rules obtained from the intellectual property. The park is also known as an evermore album. It created a lot of confusion, and it crowded out a lot of online details. Taylor clapped back with her very own lawsuit. She accused the park of performing her songs routinely without getting appropriate licensing. 

The battle got settled, and both lawsuits were dropped. 

My thoughts on Taylor Swift’s Fearless 

Believe me, when I say this, I’m Fearless. It is pretty Fearless for her to settle down and start re-recording songs she already owned before. That’s quite brave and strong of our girl. Hey Taylor, if you’re reading this, know that your fans out here love you. And you go, girl! You’ll soon be done with your re-recording. Just know that no one can touch you this time.