Got Chance

Movies Missing Theatrical Release and Going Straight to Streaming

It’s 2020, and we all know it has been a very difficult year. It has not helped the world that there isn’t even a chance we all can go to the theaters and watch our favorite upcoming movies as they are being released. As the year went by, movie studios realized they should release their new movies straight to the consumers at home because of the situation coronavirus has put us all in.

Movies like Trolls World Tour broke streaming records as one of the first movies that got released directly to digital format and it caused an effect that might just change how Hollywood would decide to step into the future. After this movie, other movies have followed, movies like The Invisible Man, to others like Just Mercy.

Now we have a list of movies that had to stream earlier than they were supposed to because of the pandemic.

1.     Mulan

It should be released on September 4. We’ve all been waiting for Mulan to be released, it had the position to be one of the biggest movies released this year. But as 2020 changed its path for us all, now this live-action remake of Mulan would head straight to Disney+. Even if you have already subscribed to Disney+, you’ll need to pay an extra $29.99I before you’ll be able to watch it. It would have a theatrical release in some regions that are not in the U.S.

2.     Miss Juneteenth

This was released on June 19. Some of these movies that went straight to release have not been uploaded, because they were not so interesting from the beginning. Miss Juneteenth doesn’t fall into this category. It has its release date on the same day as its holiday. This movie is about a mother that tries to get her daughter ready for the Juneteenth pageant she won lots of years ago. It has gotten a lot of critics but has a 99% rating on Rotten Tomatoes.

3.     You Should Have Left

You Should Have Left was released on June 18. This movie stars Amanda Seyfried and Kevin Bacon. They are a couple in this thriller. They went to have a vacation in their Welsh home and don’t seem to like it when a force in the house doesn’t let them leave anymore. Thoughts of how they would survive the horror and how they’ll protect their daughter were troubling, as the force tried its best to cause havoc and separate them.

4.     Irresistible

This got released on June 26. It is a satire made by Jon Stewart. It talks about an election to get a mayor and it stars Steve Carell. He was a Democratic strategist and he intended to change the state of Wisconsin blue, even if this means changing a colonel to a serious politician. He has his plans disrupted by a Lululemon strategist of the Republic.

5.     Bill & Ted Face the Music

We’re also sad to say that Bill & Ted Face the Music was released mainly on streaming services, although some drive-in movie theaters played it. It’s already out of the theater, so we hope you were lucky enough to see it. If not, just rent it!

We all hope by at least October, the pandemic will come to a halt and most theaters would open again, at least under COVID-19 CDC guidelines.