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How Maya Moore Used Her Platform and Voice to Free Jonathan Irons

Maya Moore made use of her platform and her method to free Jonathan Irons after she, Michael G. Rubin, and Clinton Yates settled to discuss how criminal justice intersected with sports at the Google Space in Washington.

They discussed for about two hours where the group covered a lot of topics. These topics ranged from misconduct done by the prosecutors to its impact on the platforms of athletes.

Rubin was sent into the reform of criminal justice after he was present when a close friend of his Meek Mill was sent to spend about four years in prison after a judge stated his probation was violated. That moment changed the life of Rubin as stated by him.

Rubin stated he watched the probation officer state he didn’t want any sentence. He also watched a district attorney state he didn’t want any sentence. Then he watched the judge send him to jail for two to four years without committing the crime. That was quite painful.

In January, Mill and Rubin started the reform alliance with the New England Patriots lender Mr. Kraft Robert. Along with Clara Wu, Brooklyn Nets Co-Owner, and Jay Z, husband of Beyoncé. This initiative began with a mission to overhaul the parole and probation system. The group had a goal of freeing at least a million people that were caught up in the horrible system before the coming 5 years.

Reform Partnership

During this conversation between the three of them, Rubin stated Mill would have still been in jail if not for a lot of athletes that were in center and front pushing for the celebs release. He channeled that technique in the creation of the Reform Alliance. This aimed at leveraging the likeness and followed celebrities and athletes to tell the crazy stories of normal citizens. What we would do with this Reform Alliance is to get huge celebrities, influencers, and athletes to talk about daily stories. We are trying to get someone we have not heard of, get a crazy story, and have many people tell this story on social media.

Reform partner Jay Z made a lot of waves last month after signing a multiyear partnership to produce its super bowl halftime show with the NFL. He did this to increase the league’s social justice initiatives. Jay Z was strongly defended by Rubin for these moves, because a lot of people criticized it, stating Jay Z simply did it to make some money.

Jay Z is a man who has no monetary cares. He simply cares about doing the right thing. The reason he joined the partnership was that he felt a real difference could be made. Anyone questioning Jay Z has no idea who Jay Z is.

Using these same techniques of publicly discussing people that are in jail for no just cause, this was how Maya Moore was able to free Jonathan Irons from being wrongfully imprisoned.