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Highlights of This Year’s Super Bowl Halftime Performers

This year’s Super Bowl halftime was one of the best that has gone down in history. It was different from the traditional Super Bowl halftime shows where only one main star takes the stage. It was the first time two iconic celebs shared a stage and gave a glamorous display of rich musical and dance performances. Jennifer Lopez and Shakira made history, and we can’t stop talking about it.

One wouldn’t expect less from these two iconic stars. They allowed NFL fans to enjoy more than sport with a rollicking and electrifying halftime performance. Shakira and Jennifer Lopez’s performance on the stage was the biggest moment at the Super Bowl LIV show. It was a high-energy performance, focusing on brilliant dance moves and Latin pop celebration.

Shakira Kicked Off the Halftime Show

Shakira got on the stage in glittering attire with her army of dancers. She gave a rendition of her biggest songs, including “She Wolf,” “Empire,” “Whenever, Wherever,” “Ojos Asi,” “Hips Don’t Lie,” “Chantaje,” “Waka Waka,” and “I Like It Like That.”

Colombian-raised Shakira, being notorious for her belly-dancing skills, wowed the crowd once more at the Super Bowl. As a former rock star singer, she went on to play the guitar and blew our minds again. She showcased every side of herself – the dancer, singer, drummer, and guitarist. 

Shakira’s performance featured a salsa dance break and a horn section. She closed her performance with the famous “No fightin’” and “Hips Don’t Lie.” At this moment, the crowd couldn’t contain their joy for the beautiful performance by Shakira.

Jennifer Lopez Took Over The Stage

Jennifer Lopez transitioned the stage with her classic hit, “Jenny from the Block” while surrounded by her troop of dancers. One of the highlights of Jeniffer Lopez’s performance was when she had a costume change, a sparkling bodysuit. She performed “Waiting for Tonight” while showing off her pole dancing skills.

Jennifer Lopez soon got on her knees to perform a cheerleader pyramid stunt. She got on every beat and sang some of her biggest songs including “Love Don’t Cost A Thing,” “Let’s Get Loud,” “On The Floor,” and “Waiting for Tonight.”

Her stage performance also featured her daughter, Emme, who was dressed in a feathered cape with the US flag on one side and the Puerto Rican flag on the other. Emme came out to sing a chorus for Lopez’s classic hit “Let’s Get Loud.” Shakira was playing the drums for the song.

The Final Performance

The Super Bowl halftime ended with a duet from the first Latinos to co-headline the super bowl. They went way back to 2010 to perform “Waka Waka,” with lots of exuberant styles on display. The synchrony and dramatic performance between the two icons was the ultimate power move on the show.