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Famous Musicians and the Guitars They Used 

Guitars are one of the most versatile instruments on earth, and as such, they are the preferred instrument for musicians looking to stand out from the crowd. Different guitars produce different sounds, and even the vintage guitars have their unique sounds.

Because of the distinctive sound that each guitar makes, famous musicians put a lot of effort into fine-tuning their instruments… Thus, creating sounds that are patent to the musician himself. Once mastered, these vintage guitars become more than just an instrument; they become an old buddy or partner. As time has gone by, some of these guitars have taken on a mystical quality that makes them even more coveted — sometimes even more so than the owners who played them.

Here are some of the most coveted guitars owned by famous musicians.

1. B.B King’s Lucille 

via WikiCommons

Named after the woman that sparked a club fire that almost claimed B.B King’s life, Lucille is one of the most coveted guitars of all time. This exquisite guitar is a semi-hollow-body Gibson ES-355. Despite the musician’s relationship with other Gibson’s over the years, the moniker “Lucille” was never lost on his guitars. King’s beloved Lucille is renowned for the long list of beautiful songs that it helped the musician create, but it will be remembered in history for how it was rescued by its owner from a collapsing establishment.

2. Michael Schenker’s Gibson Flying V

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Over the years, we have seen many musicians rock the Gibson flying V. But, Michal Schenker’s ferocity and style in rocking the Gibson Flying V is the best we have ever seen. All things considered, the German metal god, Michael Schenker, has created a name for his beloved guitar that cannot be easily erased from the history books.

3. Vernon Reid’s ESP Mirage

If you are looking for fine vintage guitars, it doesn’t get better than Vernon Reid’s ESP Mirage. This beloved guitar saw the Living Color through Vernon’s glory years and reverberates a hybrid funk-prog many had never heard before. Vernon’s guitar is not only renowned for its beautiful sound but also its unique color. The guitar is painted a bright rainbow color quintessential of the Living Color’s style. It is one of the most colorful guitars ever to emerge from the ‘80s and certainly one of the most coveted guitars today.

4. Prince’s Cloud 

via WikiCommons

Designed by Dave Rusan, Prince’s beloved cloud guitar is an epitome of his music style. Cloud was designed and built from scratch for a sexier and flashier performance of his royal badness’s debut album, Purple Rain. However, it became a panache instrument with which the musician will forever be associated.

That’s our list! We’ll be back again soon with another list of famous vintage guitars and the musicians that played them. Vintage guitars have history and often offer a unique sound. We recommend buying vintage if you’re a beginner or have been playing for years.