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Celebrities Who Support the New President

The presidential election has come and gone with Biden and Harris emerging winners regardless of the different obstacles. While many people were in support of this duo during the election, others weren’t. 

In this article, we will look at the different celebrities who supported this win. Let’s get to it!

Who are the celebrities that support the president?

The following are the celebrities that were in support of Biden and Harris during the presidential election:

1. Lizzo

The Plus-sized song artist made a personal appearance at the campaign event which was held in Michigan at Detroit and Harper Woods. She told the present crowd that she’s willing to get America out of the way it was by bringing it together. She also stated that the only way this could be made possible is by ensuring that Joe Biden and Kamala Harris wins the election.

2. Chris Evans

Alongside Scarl6 Johansson, Don Cheadle, Zoe Saldana, Mark Ruffalo, and Paul Rudd, Chris Evans held a fundraiser function for Joe Biden and Kamala Harris. This was during their “Voter Assemble” campaign which was on the 20th of October 2020. These avengers start to get United for the sake of democracy.

3. Karlie Kloss

Karlie Kross, a model who’s married to one of the Kushners stated clearly that she’s wholly in support of Biden and Harris’ win some months back. Just a week before the stipulated date for the election, Kloss shared a photo selfie where she wore a Biden mask while she mailed in her ballot. The hashtags #science fiction was included in the selfie upload.

4. Brad Pitt 

During the election phase, Brad Pitt made a voice-over of a TV ad for Joe Biden. This ad was played in the course of the 2020 world series.

In the said ad, he stated that America is a state that’s meant for every single person. This includes the people who fought to be in it, those that willingly chose it, the Republicans, the Democrats, and lastly, people who are in between. Pitt said that every of the aforementioned class of people is clamoring for one thing; for a person that truly understands the people’s pain, fears, hopes, and dreams..someone who would make people come back together. 

Also, he went on to say that everyone sought a president who would rise every morning and proceed to make life better for families, treat individuals with respect, and tell the truth whenever it’s needed. The Oscar winner did support the Biden/Harris win wholeheartedly.

5. Elizabeth Banks

Before the voting, the pitch-perfect TV star, Elizabeth Banks had shared a selfie I’m which she boldly supported the Democratic ticket. Mentioned that she voted early, made some plans, and successfully executed them. She went on to say that she has voted for Biden and Harris with the hashtag #bidenharris2020??. Banks urged everyone to post their voting selfies and tag her to it.


The American presidential election of 2020 was a tough one. This list consists of a few celebrities who contributed their quota to ensure that Biden and Harris finally got this win.