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Celebrities Who Spoke Out About Mental Health Issues from COVID-19 Isolation

What did you say and what did your friend say or talk about the mental strength of members of the world when Corona Virus was eating us up? Well, that’s food for thought. Now I’ll be talking about the things different celebs said on the Mental Health issues which were brought up by the COVID 19 pandemic. 

Different Celebs and what they Talked About on The Mental health issues from Isolation brought by Covid-19 


She opened up on how she managed and handled her feelings of anxiety all through the pandemic. And this is a process that has no plans of ending. She stated all of this during an interview with In style. 

She also merged her feelings on the pandemic and with that from the movement which came from Black Lives Matter. She stated she doesn’t have her anxiety control completely handled. She doesn’t have the key and if anyone has this key, she would love to lend it. She also stated that her loving mom was there for her through this very tough time. This helped because she noticed that conversing about your feelings like these would help. She called her mom at times at 2 am. And at times her mom would stay awake with her till Zendaya sleeps off like a baby. That’s cute don’t you think?  

Our actress from the new Marvel Spiderman got attacked mentally speaking from the Corona Virus pandemic. It isn’t easy. But like other celebrities and other medics personnel have stated, we would all be fine.

Lucy Hale

Hale talked about how she had been struggling mentally speaking during the pandemic brought upon us by the pandemic. She stated she was someone that thought about everything over and over. One of her most serious challenges was surviving and not having a panic attack every thirty minutes.

You know how celebrities can be. Any little thing they would have a panic attack. They would now start looking for plastic bags for them to stay focused so they wouldn’t lose it and continue panicking harder. So this made this a serious problem and hence a challenge to her.


During the graduation of the set 2020. Beyoncé addressed them and she stated that the pandemic has affected the entire world. That the graduates should be proud. It wasn’t easy to study, succeed, and graduate in a year like 2020. She also talked a little bit about the black lives matter movement. You know that was a very serious thing. And to people of color, that topic is extremely sensitive. So she made everyone know that things would be fine and we would all be fine. But for the time being, we should just remain socially distant and for us to follow the governing rules by the government and the officials. Soon and in time, everything would resume back to exactly what we remember.