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Celebrities Who Got the COVID Vaccine

COVID-19 has decided it wouldn’t let be me. It is 2021, please. The world is still in need of space from you. Though several different influencers, athletes, politicians, and celebrities contracted coronavirus this year. Now we are beginning to process the rate of immunity. Several different vaccines are ongoing. These include Moderna with Pfizer-BioNTech. In the United Kingdom, we’ve got the AstraZeneca vaccine. There are presently in phase three of these clinical trials. We have some celebrities available in the United Kingdom who have been receiving vaccines at the beginning of December m some have already gotten the second round in the United States. 

List of Celebs that have gotten the COVID Vaccine 

Sir Ian McKellen

This lovely actor posted a photo on the 17th of December where he got the Pfizer Vaccine. He is one of the first celebs to get this. He felt quite euphoric after getting vaccinated in London. 

He felt quite lucky to have gotten the vaccine. He didn’t have any problem recommending this to anyone. 

Prue Leith

Prue Leith who is the great British Bake Off host got the painless jab on the 15th of December. He’s is an eighty-year-old woman. She said she got the call to see if she would like to receive the Pfizer BioNTech Vaccine. She was quite delighted to be getting it. 

Who wouldn’t want to be immune from Covid nineteen from a painless jab? 

Andrew Lloyd Webber

Andrew Webber Lloyd participated in The COVID 19 Oxford vaccine trial back in August. The mind that was behind these musicals like Phantom and Cats of the Opera tweeted that volunteering for this trail was truly a huge part of his efforts to get small and large theaters open again. 

After just completing the vaccine trial, he was ready for everywhere to get open for everyone to get back to kicking ass at work. 

Joan Collins

She is known for her work in the soap opera dynasty. She uploaded a photo of her getting the vaccine on the 10th of January. She told Good Morning Britain that it was so easy. Just a scratch and there wasn’t any form of pain. There were no after-effects too. She even had a drink when she went home. 

Martha Stewart 

Let’s not forget our very own Martha Stewart. She is an epic baddie out and in the kitchen. She shared a video when she received a vaccine pod close to the Martha Stewart center for living at Mount Sinai downtown. Being rest assured this 79-year old didn’t jump the line. She settled down and waited patiently in line with other people that were already arranged and organized to get the vaccines too.

See this is why I love people from other developed countries. If these celebs were from countries that were not developed, how would they have been able to wait in line like every other typical person? They were simply trying to be fair.