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Actress Alyssa Milano Takes on the Pandemic, Calls on Celebrities to Spread the Word

Alyssa Milano is doing her best to make everyone know that COVID-19 is real. She wants everyone, adorable celebrities, to know that the testing system available in the United States is fundamental and quite essential. She wants them to know because of how she had to endure when she caught the virus. 

The Melrose and Charmed Star, aged forty-seven, shared how she caught COVID in April. She did not know her symptoms were COVID-19 until she went for tests from her blood, showing the virus’s activity on her blood. 

She was never this ill. She talked about all of this on Instagram. Everything was painful. She could not perceive the smell of anything. She stated it felt like an elephant was sitting on her chest. She found it very hard to breathe. She could not keep any food in. She lost a lot of weight. She had a fever, confusion, and an unnecessary amount of headache. She practically had every symptom of COVID-19. 

She talked about how she took two different COVID-19 tests after March, and she was negative. She also took a finger antibody prick test. That was also negative. 

How long did she have the symptoms? 

She survived for the last four months with symptoms like general malaise, zero short-term memory, shortness of breath, heart palpitations, irregular periods, stomach abnormalities, vertigo. She stated that she was positive for COVID antibodies. 

She wanted everyone to know that the testing system wasn’t perfect. The actual numbers of COVID 19 cases were unknown. But she also wanted everyone to know that this illness is quite actual. You would think you’re dying. It would feel like you’re dying. She stated she would donate her plasma with a lot of hope that it could save lives. We all should take great care of ourselves. We should always wash our hands and make sure we wear a face mask and be socially distant. She doesn’t want anyone to feel the way she felt. 

She wants Celebrities to talk about this issue. The reason she wants that is that people of the world pay more attention to things. Celebrities have to say than that of Doctors, Nurses, and other medical health care professionals. So if celebrities could gather, gang up and every one of them talk about what is going on, the rate of people getting COVID-19 would significantly reduce. That’s all Alyssa wants and desires. It is pretty simple.

My thoughts on how real COVID-19 is

I’ll be quoting my friend here a lot. We believe COVID-19 is real. We believe a lot of people have gotten it and suffered from it. My elder sister got it some weeks ago. We have seen how horrible it feels for our loved ones. So believe me when I say the virus is authentic. It isn’t fake. The thing is, we can keep ourselves safe by wearing face masks in public places. Being socially distant and washing our hands whenever we go out and get back home.