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my top keyword turns out to be unexpected

My Top Keyword Turns Out to be UnExpected

September 14, 2007 by Hari

For the past few months, i have seen this particular keyword top my list of “Top search keywords”. And, also it tops the list of “Traffic Sources” in my FeedBurner stats. But, i didn’t bother to check it out as the keyword was unrelated to this blog. Today, determined to check where it comes from i did a Google search first and then a Google Image Search. To my surprise, its from the Google Image Search. Here’s a screenshot from my FeedBurner stats :

I’ll let you readers have a guess at the keyword. I’ll give you some clues. The traffic comes from Google Image Search. A specific post from GotChance is displayed as the number on result for the keyword. I’m sure that there are lots and lots of websites out there which provide better “pictures/photos” of the same. The image was taken from WikiPedia and the WikiPedia page is nowhere to be seen in the results page. Maybe because, i directly displayed the image, whereas WikiPedia shows a Thumbnail link.

More clues, the major part of the keyword Search traffic comes from showing that it is an India-related keyword. Any Guesses ? I’ll disclose the answer in 24 hours or after the correct answer is guessed (whichever occurs sooner).

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