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my new twitter background

My New Twitter Background

I’ve been owning a twitter account for a long time, though i use it only less. All these days i never cared about my twitter background and was happy with the default one. As i started to get more and more followers, i said to myself “this is the time to put a customized background. do it before its too late”. And, today i did it. I didn’t spend a lot of time on it. Just some 2 minutes of Photoshop work. Looking forward to hear your comments on how it turned out. Check out the screnshot below, or live on my Twitter page.


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Why bother with a background? 🙂 Most powerusers are using tweetdeck or some similar method anyway.

He he 😀 I’m not a power user though.. As i mentioned, i tweet rarely 🙂

Really nice background 🙂

Thanks Raju 🙂