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installed windows 7 ultimate rc

Installed Windows 7 Ultimate RC

After a lot of dilemma over whether to upgrade to Windows 7 RC build, today i finally took the plunge. Since there was a direct upgrade option from my Vista, i did not lose any of my program or my files. The upgrade went smoothly. So far, i did not have problems with anything.

Things I Like In 7 :

  • Aero peek effect. I’m in love with this effect. Though it doesn’t give any functionality more than the “show desktop”, the glass effect is awesome.
  • The new taskbar. Even in my Vista, i use a full row of Quick Launch bar with “large icons”. So, this new taskbar is even more useful, atleast for me.

Things I don’t Like

There is nothing much i don’t like in 7, after one day of use. But, i don’t like this thing called “Libraries”. I’m yet to figure out what it is exactly. Also, I miss the “DreamScene” from my Vista.

I’ll post my experience with Windows 7 as i use it more in the following days. For those who’re still in a dilemma as me, i’d happily recommend taking the plunge.

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