Got Chance


A National Level Technical Symposium

  • Being a Larry Page or Sergey Brin is no more a dream for novelty has become the swerve of the day. This forum invites the fanatic fans to put forth their thoughts to facilitate their ascent to the way of glory and fame. Gear up with your ideas to put them in paper.

  • Ready to challenge the past, present and yet to be innovations? Then it is high time to put to test your technical know-how. Beat the clock with your versatile skills.

  • Here is a chance to prove your loquacious skills in the midst of Geek Gods you have so far only heard. Come together, to go against them to only prove that even your garrulous technical tattling could crown you King in the war of words.

  • All you C,C++ geeks !!! Come and discover your syntactical and logical competence among the varsities of intelligence. Burn you grey cells to decipher our codes.

  • Flail your arms about and let your team-mates know what you have to say. This is where you speak the language of silence.

  • Welcome enthusiasts, those who feel your creative buds brizzling with fervour at the very thought of designing. Merge, layer, slice and shape your designs with the paints and brushes in Adobe Photoshop to bring colour to your creation.

  • Come and get tangled into the grandeur of our Gaming arena, the best stage to showcase your perfect sense of planning strategies and execution. Overpower your rivals by your brains rather than brawn. Experience your Majestic reality in our gaming virtualise.

  • Do you have a Dhirubai Ambani Or a J.R.D.Tata or a Narayanamoorthy in you ? Here is a chance to hone your business skills by competing against the best.

  • Racked your brain too much?? Take a break. Lighten up your spirits. Have a blast involving yourself in these super cool filler events.

Aimed at bringing out the intrinsic talents of students, CACHE ’09 hosts a plethora of events with exciting prizes to be won!! Coalescing technical & non technical attributes, the arena is set up for the tech freaks. So here we go… Unveiling Cache ’09 for you!!

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