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how to find advertisers for your blog

How To Find Advertisers For Your Blog

Check out this video where Gary Vaynerchuk tells you how to find advertisers for your blog, online. Also, he explains practically by contacting Beer site to advertise on his “virtual” beer blog. A Must-watch :

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I watched Gary on ustream when he was recording the video. It was great to watch.


I just start-up my blogging and business, and i got my 1st advertiser.

what quicky tips to gain more advertiser,

thanks for this good video Gary,

Hey Ollie,

i received your mail about Kontactr. sorry that i saw it just today.. i’ll reply to it now… i wish we can have a chat sometime…

@Beauty with Heri:

If you are just starting up, i suggest that you post on Digital Point’s Advertising forum..

Also, put up an “Advertise” page on your blog…

Thoroughly enjoyed the message. I thought Gary’s advice was going to be: “Leave a ‘Contact Us’ link your web site so people can find you”! That’s the passive approach, I realize that now. You got to go out there and get the people. Anybody have a reference point on what to charge?

Actually, the part where Gary googles “beer” and makes an actual call to the beer company was awesome..

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Interesting! Beer adverts. I got to work on my phone skills right now! Haha 🙂

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