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Got Banners WordPress Plugin
Note : The development of this plugin has been stopped. However, if you’d like to rotate banners on your site, check out Rotatee can be considered a better alternative for GotBanners. It does all that GotBanners does and also has a lot of extra features. It can be used on any website, not just WordPress blogs. Use the Invite Code “gotchance” to sign up.

Welcome to the homepage of the Got Banners wordpress plugin. Got Banners is a simple banner rotating plugin for wordpress. Unlike other banner rotators, Got Banners displays all the banners provided simultaneously. But, in a different random order each time. A very good example of how it works can be seen here on the right sidebar or on (the 125 x 125 banners) and on (the 125 x 125 banners).

Download Got Banners


  1. Download the plugin from the above link and extract the zip archive.
  2. Upload the gotbanners folder to your wp-content/plugins folder.
  3. Activate your plugin from your administration panel. Follow the instruction below to start using it.


This plugin comes with a normal version as well as a widgetized version, both built in one.

Using the normal version

If you don’t have the widgets plugin installed, you’ll have to manually edit your sidebar to start showing your banners.

  1. Open your wp-content/themes/YOUR-THEME-NAME/sidebar.php
  2. Add the following code within the global <ul> and </ul> tags :


    <?php got_banners(); ?>


Using the widgetized version

  1. In your administration panel, go to Presentation > Widgets.
  2. Drag the Got Banners widget into your sidebar and give it a title.
  3. Thats all. You are done with it.

Adding the banner codes

  1. To add your banner codes, in your administration panel, go to Options > Got Banners.
  2. Add your banner codes in the text box, separated by a Tilde sign (~). Example is already provided there.

2 Columns

Many are having problems with displaying the banners in 2 columns. For more details on how to do it, check out this post.

Suggestions, Complaints etc…

This is my first plugin, so there might eventually be some mistakes or you might even want a new feature in the plugin. Whatever it might be, feel free to Contact Me and let me know what it is. I’m more than happy to help you out.

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