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Why Did Leslie Jones Leave SNL?

After five seasons, the comedian Leslie Jones who has a lot in the works, including some Netflix projects, leaves the Saturday Night Live (SNL) in 2019. It was a shock to everyone and questions started arising from why the actress and comedian who is a large part of the series would suddenly leave, while Leslie’s co-star Kate McKinnon who was rumored to be leaving the show this fall stayed for the 45th season.

On September 3, Leslie took to her social media page and confirmed the news of her leaving herself, she also thanked the Saturday night live show family along with her fans. Leslie’s leaving came as a shock to many of her fans who were not prepared for the departure.

Some reasons why Leslie leaving the show is painful for the SNL fans are:

·       When she called on her inner white girl, aka Reese Witherspoon,

·       Her weekend update guest spots,

·       Leslie Jones on “House Hunters,” and

·       The time Leslie and Kyle Mooney brought Paul Rudd into their threesome.

But why did Leslie Jones leave the SNL show even when she was doing so well?

Why Did She Leave?

Leslie was originally part of the show as a writer even before she joined the cast officially in 2014. The show packed memorable appearances in weekly updates and her funny impersonations of celebrities like Whoopie Goldberg, so leaving the show was unexpected.

Leslie, as it turns out, left the SNL in order to focus on other projects. Leslie is working currently on projects like “I am Maurice,” “Coming to America,” and “Queenpins.” Leslie verified the information on her departure from the show herself a week after the news of her exit went public. 

Leslie took to her Twitter and addressed the concerns of her fans. She wrote ‘‘yes it’s true I’m leaving SNL. I cannot thank enough the producers, writers, and amazing crew of NBC for making SNL a second home for the last five years.’’

She also thanked Lorne Michaels for changing her life in so many ways. She thanked him for being her mentor, confidant, and always standing by her. She also gave a big shout out to the cast members of the SNL show. 

She mentioned she would always miss the exciting environment of the show. She also gave her heartfelt goodbyes to her loyal fans, for all the love they showed, their support through the SNL years.

Even though Leslie Jones would not be returning to SNL next season, she’s not going out from the screens forever. Leslie is casting in the sequel to the Eddie Murphy movie “Coming to America.” It is also reported that Leslie will be the host of the “Supermarket Sweep” reboot that is rumored to air on Netflix soon.

But Leslie’s fans will surely miss seeing her on SNL. Her fans also reacted to her by sending all their love and well wishes on Twitter as she goes on her journey.