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What Celebs Say About Marriage

Although Hollywood relationships are known for their typically sad endings, there are still some of the celebrities who are keeping their relationships together with the best they can and making their love look so beautiful. Here’s what some of them have to say about marriage.

5 Celebrities’ Thoughts on Marriage

1. Meryl Streep

New Zealand Women’s Weekly interviewed the woman who’s won an Academy Award three times on the secret of her 30-year marriage to Don Gummer.

She said couples have to talk about the issues that come up no matter how small. Each person has to listen to their partner, whether they are giving advice, suggestions, or just talking about their problems. Admitting that you can be wrong too and having good conversations leads to a successful marriage.

2. Will Smith

Will Smith has been married to Jada Pinkett Smith for 20 years and he said, “It is not expected to be easy. Our marriage can be described as the most tedious, excruciating, and grueling thing that we have ever done. The thing is that we don’t quit. The only secret tip was working on ourselves individually. Nobody ever went to work on the relationship. We worked on ourselves and gave each other a better version and in the end; it isn’t about quitting.”

3. Freddie Prince Jr.

Freddie Prince Jr. had this to say about his marriage. “We respect each other; we did not enter into marriage because we thought we were both in our youth and were good-looking. Those things may ruin relationships. We feel more disciplined than fortunate. Every marriage requires sacrifice.” When interviewed by Us Weekly he said, “Being single is so much fun, but you can be self-centered. While I was still single, I was always going on trips all over the world and I wouldn’t bother about another person’s feelings. I was concerned with my career. So if you’re single, selfishness is a good thing for you. That’s how people build careers. But in a marriage, you should take it down a notch and make some sacrifices. Our marriage has worked because of sacrifice.”

4. Victoria Beckham

At the 2018 Forbes Women’s Summit, the former Spice Girl said about marriage, “I am doing my best to be the best mother. I also try to be the best wife and also the best professional. In the home, I do my best to keep my phone down, spend time with David, and also with the children.” She has been with David Beckham for 19 years and gushes at having him as a true partner. “My husband is incredible and he supports me. We do everything with the children equally. Whenever I am not around, he gets to do the cooking and school runs.”

5. Ellen Degeneres

Ellen the talk show host has been married to Portia de Rossi, her wife of 10 years. She refers to her as her best friend and said, “When I and Portia got married, Portia always said, ‘It is a good thing to be loved and a profound thing to be understood,’ and she gets me because understanding is the best gift anyone can give to me.”

What’s your favorite celebrity couple?