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The Latest News on Prince Harry and Meghan

Have you heard the latest news going around these days? That Meghan and Prince Harry wouldn’t return working as members of the royal family no more. 

The entire world is unfortunate with this choice. The Duchess and Duke would always remain high loved members of the entire family. That’s what Buckingham palace stated in a statement. 

A year after, the couple stated they would step back from their official duties.

These occurred just after a year that they said they would be leaving their royal duties. Some days after, they told everyone they were expecting their second baby. Buckingham palace stated that they wouldn’t come back as people who would be handing official family jobs on Friday. They want to live their lives in peace. 

After a conversation with Queen Elizabeth the 2nd and Harry, it has written things that confirmed that stepping away from the family’s royal work. It was impossible to carry on with all the duties and responsibilities that came with living a public life. 

The military honorary appointments and patronage that the Duchess and the Duke held would therefore return to her majesty. The statement carried on and added that they would get redistributed along with several working members of the royal family. 

A Meghan and Harry spokesperson stated that they remained committed to their service and duty in the United Kingdom and worldwide. They have always continued to support several various organizations which they’ve represented without thinking of feeling they have a role that is so official that typical people wouldn’t want to help others. 

We can all decide and choose to live a life of service to others. The word service itself is a universal word. 

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry are expecting their second child. This breaks a journey that, honestly, when you think about it, is quite dramatic for the couple that has had their engagement and fairy tale wedding with haste. They don’t like all the rumors, and that’s part of why they decided to went off-script. After they heard about the tabloid onslaught and the rift between Harry and his brother, this was a time when Meghan’s fans went into suffering bullying and harassment. 

They went to the public in Britain, where they stated they wanted to leave the royal family in the first month of 2020. They planned to divide the time they would both spend in North America and the United Kingdom.

My thoughts on this lovely couple

I love them because they want to live a free life. They don’t want to be caged by the responsibilities they were born with or the jobs that have already been assigned to them. They are tired, frankly speaking. They want to rest, eat what they want, go to where they want to be, live life, and be free because this life we are living is one and only one. So I applaud the Duke and Duchess. They’re both powerful.