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Queen Elizabeth Congratulates Boris Johnson on New-born Son

These are the worst times for the planet right now, but amidst it all, Boris Johnson, Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, has received a precious gift that he and his household are thankful for. After battling COVID-19 in ICU for several weeks, it’s great news to hear about his recovery. More to be thankful for is the new addition to his family.

Boris Johnson’s fiancée, Carrie Symonds, delivered a baby boy recently. According to the couple’s spokesperson, both mother and baby are doing well and the family is extremely excited about the birth of the new baby boy. Johnson could be by her side during the delivery since he has recovered from COVID-19.

Upon getting the news of the birth of the Prime Minister’s son, Queen Elizabeth, who has been decamped to Windsor in the early days the COVID-19 crisis, sent a private congratulatory message to him.

Prince William and Wife Kate Middleton Celebrate Ninth Wedding Anniversary

Prince William and Kate Middleton took a moment to celebrate their ninth wedding anniversary on Instagram. Maybe it would have been a special dinner in a fancy restaurant or a gathering of the royals, but that wouldn’t be possible because we are all to maintain social distancing. So, they took to Instagram to celebrate the occasion with their fans.

They posted a picture in celebration of their anniversary with a caption thanking everyone who wished them well. It’s amazing how time flies. The union started almost a decade since the Duke and Duchess walked down the aisle. Kate settled into the royal life quickly and they have three children to show for their union.

There has been a lot to celebrate for the Duke and Duchess. Their youngest child, Prince Louis had his send birthday last week. It has been a celebratory week for the family of five while currently practicing social distancing from their home in Norfolk.

The Countess of Wessex Has Been Privately Making Food for Medical Staff

Sophie, the Countess of Wessex (and the Queen’s daughter-in-law), has privately volunteered to make food for medical staff during the coronavirus pandemic. She has been making food at a London kitchen for the NHS staff who have put themselves on the frontline to fight the coronavirus outbreak. She does this once in a week without blowing trumpets.

She cooks alongside a team of professional chefs who work 24 hours a day to produce meals for frontline hospital staff across London. The team thinks she’s great and having her around is a morale boost for them. She does everything from cooking to cleaning. Meanwhile, the Earl of Wessex, Sophie’s husband is reportedly engaged in preparing, cooking, and cleaning, as well. The family shows their charity side once again.

The Countess also joined the team at rhubarb for an event planning and catering service to help prepare food for NHS workers in hospitals. The organization took to Instagram to share a photo of the countess preparing food in her protective gear.