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Kim Kardashian Files for Divorce from Kanye West

This news shocked me. Like. I’m not surprised, though, because Kim is around forty years. She was seen leaving the house of her friend on Thursday in LA on the 18th of February. Her engagement ring and her wedding band were all missing. Like you could not see both of them from her left hand. Like, I’m surprised too, you know. 

I’ve been following the adventures of the Kardashians right from around the first episode. Do you get, so I know all the stress and strains Kim has had related to her life concerning marriage and whatnot. 

She looked a little bit unhappy, but she didn’t skip on her fabulous wardrobe. She wore a fantastic top, nude in color, a black jacket with collars, some blue pangs, and a shoe that was pointy to go out that day. 

This beauty founder was seen wearing her wedding band in January around California after leaving her left-hand bate all through her issues with Kanye. Kanye is around forty-three years right now. A week later, she posted some photos of herself on Instagram, and there she wasn’t wearing any jewels. The rapper stepped out and walked around Malibu pm Wednesday. He wore his gold-looking wedding band. 

Kim and West have laid out rumors from January. There we heard a source that told the US weekly about the time that both of them were living separate lives for months. On February 19th, she couldn’t take it anymore, and then that was when she filed at the court that she was sick and tired of the marriage. 

Kim Kardashian wants physical custody and joint legal custody of her four kids. She wants North, seven, Saint, five, Chicago, three, and Psalm, who’s just twenty-one months old. Her reasons for wanting a divorce are nothing other than irreconcilable differences. This is also the reason why they split too. She didn’t list a date for wanting separation. She told the judge to enforce the prenup, which was made when they signed before they got married in May 2014. 

Everything was done quietly and in peace. The filing wasn’t a shock to both of them because come on, they both knew it wouldn’t take so much time to happen. They, over time, grew apart from one another. They tried their best for the marriage to work. This is why they put off this divorce for so very long. 

My thoughts on the KimYe situation.

As I said, I am a real fan of the Kardashians. I’ve not just had time to follow their story. If not for this article, I wouldn’t even know they were going through so many problems that have even lead to their breakup. But like I always say, man needs peace of mind. A woman also needs peace of mind. One should not remain in a place and be unhappy for any reason. One could go and slump one afternoon because of another person, do you get. I feel she made the right choice, speaking honestly.