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Kelly Osbourne’s Journey of Sobriety

Hey there. I’m sure you know who Kelly Osbourne is. And I am sure you know that she has been trying her best to stop drinking. But did you know that she has a journey that records all of her progress?. Well, if you didn’t, this piece would help you understand a lot more.

All about Kelly Osbourne’s Sobriety Journal

On the 27th of October, Kelly Osbourne went to Instagram and told everyone that she wasn’t just only celebrating her birthday, but this was the 5th month that she had stopped drinking, and it marked her Sobriety journey. From her post, Kelly added a selfie where she was holding a beautiful-looking cake that had strawberries. There was also a screenshot of a notice from her program, which had twelve steps that confirmed how long she was sober. 

Her post wrote that she marked her birthday on this day, and she has been sober for five months. She was so happy, and she was thankful. 

Among all other celebrities sharing their support to her, others who joined her included people like Snooki. He posted her a Happy Birthday message saying he missed her charming face. Mathews Ross also wrote that he loved her greatly, and Beckinsale Kate responded with two heart emojis. 

In April, Kelly’s parents Ozzy and Sharon Osbourne, posted through her Instagram that she relapsed briefly after about four years of being sober. She was not proud of it, but she stated that she was back on track. 

At a future time in that month, the dancing with the Stars alumni spoke to extra about the nervous breakdown she went through and how this added to her, and it served as a temporary setback. 

She stated that sadly she was addicted and thought that she had a lot of time to keep drinking like an average person. She kept explaining at that time. It also looked like she could not, and she would never be expected. She does not know why she even tried it. She stated that it was not for her, and it took her a long period of days. She said that she was fine doing all of this. 

All through a Red Table Conversation in June, Kelly stated that all of the insecure feelings she had played a very high role in her decision to consume alcohol when she was younger. As was expressed by the fact that her father was around the most elevated or heaviest drinker she knew or she’s been around. 

My thoughts on Kelly Osbourne’s Sobriety Journey 

So it turns out Kelly Osbourne’s Journey was recorded through social media by her fans. This is cool. I always feel you could be addicted to anything, but please let’s be addicted to making our lives better. It was better people. It was being more content, being happy, and living peacefully with all around us. Because the fact is, that’s the goal of this life. So let’s all try being the best we can be.