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Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom Just Had a Baby

Whoooo Hooooo! Baby alert!. Our very own Legolas and Katy Perry now have a baby. Wonderful isn’t it.

Katy Perry made it public that she was carrying her child in the “Never Worn White” music video.

Perry and Bloom are enjoying their world of wonder and love after they happily welcomed their daughter. They were very happy and pleased with the birth of their epic baby girl. Both Bloom and Perry are ambassadors of the charity which supports children that do not have full advantages in life.

The birthing experience was so peaceful. They feel lucky it went that way.

All around the world, various communities continue to suffer in the hands of poor health care workers, and these days the mortality rate of pregnant women and newborn children increases. The causes of these deaths can be easily preventable.

After the COVID 19 pandemic, lots of newborns suffer because there is a reduction in the number of available drugs, vaccines, soap, and even disposable water. Bloom and Perry being parents of a newborn baby have their hearts broken to this reality. They feel sorry for parents that are having problems and trying to manage life, to be honest. This is not the future that was promised.

The couple set up a page where donations can be made to this cause. This marked the birth of Daisy (their daughter). All funds obtained will reach the hands of new parents and the newborn.

They want to do this so the hearts of these new parents will bloom with happiness.

How did the world know Katy Perry was pregnant?

She told the world she was carrying a child from the final scenes of her music video “Never Worn White.” Search for the video on YouTube and check for yourself. Almost at the end of it, you’ll see her with her baby bump. So cute, I might add.

In the four-minute music video, she didn’t say she was pregnant. It is for her fans to watch the video piece by piece till the end. Watch out for the baby bump.

At the beginning of the month. She talked about her experience as a pregnant woman during the Covid-19 pandemic. She stated it wasn’t funny—a rollercoaster of emotions she might add

In the lyrics of the song, it slightly made us know that the new parents might soon get married. They got engaged during Valentine’s Day the year before.

Brief description of the new parents

She was married to Russell Brand, and then in 2008 her single, “I Kissed a Girl,” became so popular in the United Kingdom.

She has other hit songs like “Never Really Over,” “Fireworks,” “California Gurls,” and “Roar.”

Orlando Bloom was married to Miranda Kerr. She’s a model in Australia. Their child Flynn is 9 years old.

We all know Orlando Bloom as Legolas. He also acted in Pirates of the Caribbean.

They would be wonderful parents, we all can tell.