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How Tom Cruise Keeps Doing His Stunts at Age 58

You can’t tell me you watch Hollywood movies and you don’t know who Tom Cruise is. He is one of the greatest movie stars and he is popularly known around the world. He’s been acting for more than thirty years and he has fought a lot of criticism like those of people saying he fakes his stunts. Presently in his fifties, he remains one of the top talents around. Appearing in massive-budget action movies. He is famous because he has this will to get physical whenever and he always does his stunts. Even though a lot of them are quite dangerous.

Successful Movies Tom Cruise Has Starred In

 After gaining massive success from Top Gun, Mr cruise went on to appear in a lot of other films. Some of these movies include Interview with a Vampire, the Color of Money, Days of Thunder, and the popular Mission Impossible series. He has acted in dramatic movies like Vanilla Sky and Rain Man too. He has gotten married to women like Katie Holmes and Nicole Kidman. He is quite focused on his career and barely speaks about his personal life.

Movies Tom Cruise Performed His Stunts for by Himself

Cruise is quite famous for performing his stunts. Even at 58. Most of the dangerous stunts required for the type of action movies he acts are done by him. Some of these stunts include sword fighting like in The Last Samurai, driving a car dangerously, doing a dangerous deep water dive like on Mission Impossible. Most actors when they get to this age would like to get their stuntmen to perform all of these for them. But Cruise enjoys the risk involved in performing his stunts.

Does Tom Cruise Use a Stunt Double?

It is known as the Tom Cruise effect. This is known as the situation where a star performs all their stunts themselves without making use of a stunt double. A lot of other stars have decided to use him as an example. And they are performing their stunts themselves. Some of these celebs include Jason Statham and Daniel Craig.

Tom Cruise became 58 years old in the year 2020 and till now he still wows his audience performing dangerous stunts. But he tries to be careful by not going all the way. This is why he does have a stunt double. His stunt double has worked with him on a lot of action movies. Action movies like Knight and Day and Jack Reacher. Casey O’ Neill is known as the stunt double for Tom Cruise. He takes over for the actor when something becomes a little bit too risky for the star to try.

Tom Cruise doesn’t have any plans to make his stunt man perform more stunts for him. He likes the way he acts in his movies. With one of his big movies that are set to be released this summer, we might keep flocking over his movies for a very long while.

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