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How to Get a Celeb to Follow You on Instagram

Imagine Beyoncé or Usher or BTS following me on Instagram or Twitter! I would be so excited. I am sure you have your favorite celebrities that would blow your mind if they followed you on Instagram. Well, this article would show you fantastic ways you could use to get celebrities to follow you on Instagram. Let’s do this. 

Ways you can Get a Celeb to Follow You on Instagram.

It would be best if you tried to Be original.

We all know that celebs get a lot of comments on their social media pages; these celebrities do not have the time to check out even five percent of these scary moments. Some of these celebrities do not even stress themselves to read the comments at all. If there is any slight chance your favorite celebrity would check out your comment, you need to make sure that the comment you wrote is entirely worth the attention of your celeb. Make sure you write a creative comment, a comment that stands out, a comment that is you, and one that is nothing but original. 

Have you tried sending them a DM? 

The problem that comes with sending DMs is that it is the same thing with comments. Celebrities get millions of DMs daily. The chance that these celebrities would read yours is meager. But these chances are higher than not saying anything at all. It would be best if you learned how you could DM your best celeb on Twitter or Instagram. 

Suppose your celeb is not following you. The message would be sent as a message for request. If you send a message to Jennifer Lopez, she would see a message like *your name* wants to message you. Some celebrities indeed read the message you sent. But if they do not hit the button that accepts the message, you would be clueless the entire time. 

Try to make them follow you back. 

This is very important. Some celebs follow their best fans. Celebrities like Nicki Minaj, Shakira, and several others do this. It would be best if you were witty, persistent, and make great use of humor to draw the attention of your favorite celebrity. Getting the follow back you deserve is difficult but possible. 

Here are some tips you could make use of so your best celebrity in the whole wide world could follow you back. 

Do not ask for a follow back immediately. You should ask for something you know they would quickly love to answer. It would be best if you were respectful and polite. It would be best if you tried at the perfect time. It would be best if you tagged your celebrities on yoke online Instagram posts. You need to make sure you have a presentable account. You could use some funny tweets that your favorite celebrity has uploaded. Please make sure you never spam them. No one enjoys being spammed. 

With this, before you know it, that celeb would start following you on Instagram no stress