Got Chance

How Rebel Wilson is Enjoying Her New Weight Loss

Did you hear that Rebel Wilson has lost a lot of weight? She had a great reason to raise a glass on Wednesday when her boo put a ring on it during her 41st birthday. She did it in a significant way. Rebel Wilson looked beautiful as she enjoyed the sun when she wore a pink one-piece that showed how great she was looking after all the weight she had was gone. She could not celebrate her birthday in March 2021 as a result of the pandemic from Covid-19. But right now, she has made a lot more for that missed time.

Rebel, along with a lot of her family and friends, went to a private island which is one of the most tropical destinations. There, they threw a serious party like none before. Rebel was stunned and looked beautiful in her swimwear when she posed at the beach, drank cocktails, and then splashed around inside a luxurious lagoon. Along with a lot of her long-time friends from when she was growing up, she enjoyed being with them in her brand new body. She also posed for a beautiful photo with other Co-stars from pitch-perfect that came to join her in celebration. 

It was more like a Pitch Perfect Reunion with other Co-stars from the movie. They all flew to the lagoon to celebrate the birthday of Rebel. It surprised all of them when Rebel got proposed. It would indeed be a memorable event in their lives for the rest of time. 

My thoughts on Rebel Wilson and how she lost weight

I learned this news some weeks back, and trust me when I say I am excited for her. It is not easy to lose that much weight and come out looking as beautiful as ever. Rebel Wilson looks like a completely different person right now. She looks fine, glamorous, fantastic, and fabulous, if I do say so myself. I learned that she went through the pain of working out and doing everything she did to lose weight because she thought of the impact fatness had on her weight. And that is a great thing one needs to think about, you know. Because of these reasons, she settled down and decided she would get rid of this weight and then put the world, and now there she is. Looking like a 23-year-old that is fit. 

Even though she might lose some of her fans that have a lot of weight, it doesn’t matter. She did this to protect and guard herself. To put herself first and make sure she does not get any illness associated with weight or fatness. Now she is enjoying her looks and glamming up under the sun like there isn’t a single problem in the world. We love you, Rebel; keep being you in this new skin. We want to be like you, too, to have the strength and the endurance to work and kick-ass as you do.