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How Much Do Celebrities Get Paid for a Sponsored Tweet?

These days, celebrities make use of their Twitter accounts to make more money. With their 140 characters or less, advertisers pay a lot of money for their products to get advertised by these celebrities on this popular social media platform. Twitter is helping to change the business of celebrities these days.

We all know now about how celebrities use their Twitter accounts to promote products and brands. Superstars get about 5 figures as payment for a sponsored Tweet that reaches the celebs’ large Twitter audience. That’s why advertisers seek out coveted paid celebrity Tweets.

This is a list of the amount of money some celebrities are paid for single Twitter posts.

1.     Bella Thorne

She is paid about $6,500 per Tweet via Twitter. Her account name is @bellathorne, and she has about 6,048,385 followers.

She is quite popular with the younger generation of today. She has a lot of followers on her Twitter account. Few companies have chosen her to post sponsored Tweets for their products to get to the reach of a lot of possible customers.

2.     Tia Mowry

Tia Mowry is paid $6,500 per Tweet on Twitter. Her account name is @TiaMowry. She has about 1,886,254 followers.

For each endorsement deal, Mowry is paid $6,500 as she conveys sponsored posts to her Twitter followers. She has spoken about BuzzFeed and has promoted various brands in the past. She has about 1.88 million followers, and Twitter is an ideal place for a company that is looking for more customers through her Tweets.

3.     Kendra Wilkinson

She gains about $7,800 per Tweet on Twitter. Her account name is @KendraWilkinson, and she has 2,650,770 followers.

Kendra Wilkinson is a mother and a bestselling author. She makes about $7,800 for each sponsored Tweet conveying messages about a product or a company. She joined Twitter in 2011 and has gathered a lot of followers since then. Companies she has endorsed include Chateau Nightclub, Sugar Factory, and so many others.

4.     Nicole Polizzi (Snooki)

She gains about $7,800 per any Tweet on Twitter. Her account name is @snooki, and she has 6,988,364 followers.

Nicole Polizzi is a mom and a TV star. Publicly known as Snooki, she has advertised for several companies like ModaXpress and her very own brand of headphones, slippers, tanning lotion, and others like these.

She gets very good focus because of the number of her followers.

5.     Snoop Dogg

Snoop Dogg is paid about $8,000 per any post he uploads via Twitter. His account name is @SnoopDogg, and he has 12,311,155 followers on Twitter.

Snoop Dogg, with original name Calvin Cordozar Broadus Jr., is a recording artist in the U.S. He is paid $6,500 for every type of sponsorship or endorsement deal he posts on Twitter. He has more than 12.3 million followers. This makes his advertised Tweets reach a lot of new potential customers. Snoop Dogg has given props on Twitter to aid the Sienna Minivan made by Toyota, and he has endorsed a lot of other companies as well.

From this article, you should have an idea on the number of funds superstars are paid for sponsoring companies on their Twitter account. Which paid celebrity Tweets have you seen on your Twitter feed?