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Have you heard of “Actress Megan Fox”? In the early ’00s, Megan fox had her first breakout star, and she was well known as a bona fide bombshell. Till today, she is still known as a bombshell, but the only difference is that ” mom” has been attached. Her ex-husband was Brian Austin Green, whom she bore kids but, she doesn’t talk about them or post them on social media. 

The approach she took on her ex-husband was different to that of the rapper and actor Machine Gun Kelly, with who she’s recently in a romantic relationship with him, and she doesn’t hide it in public. Megan Fox confessed that motherhood had changed her.

Megan Fox felt that a better version of herself was brought out when she gave birth to her kids.

How Many Kids Does Megan Fox Have?

Megan Fox has been blessed with three good-looking children named Noah Shannon Green, who happens to be the first child, followed by Bodhi Ransom Green, the second while the last child is Journey River Green. 

Megan Fox is known to keep a little private life of her family, especially her children; it is rare to see her post her children online. But, on October 19, Megan Fox shared a beautiful picture of her adorable kids when they took a photo of her family’s Halloween themed outing to Disneyland.

In May 2021, Megan Fox made a statement about her boys when they appeared in Kelly Clarkson’s Show that her kids are best friends and love each other, but because of so much energy they possess, their fighting is non-stop. 

How Old Is Megan Fox?

Megan Fox, who has been the winner of the four-time Teen Choice Award and a mother of three, turned 35 this past spring. On May 16, 1986, it was at Oak Ridge that Megan Fox was born. Her mother is a real estate manager, while her father is a parole officer.

Who Is Known To Be The Father Of Megan Fox’s Babies?

Megan Fox got married to Green in 2010 after dating him for good five years. Both couples were thrilled to welcome their first 2 children, Noah Shannon & Bodhi Ransom, before the announcement of their splitting in 2015. 

But, after the announcement of their separation, which was about eight weeks, the news went viral that fox was pregnant. And as of 2016, she gave birth to journey river. Later, in late 2019, it was known that Fox and Green had fully split.

Does Megan Fox have sons or daughters?

The few pictures that have been seen show that Fox and Green have three boys, not girls. But these boys have unique long hair, which confuses people to think they are girls. Fox said she decided to raise her three boys as gender-neutral in some public speaking.


As we have discussed, you have seen that it is three children Megan Fox gave birth to and all boys for the matter. Megan Fox adores her children so much, and she doesn’t like to show them on social media. She prefers to remain private.