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How Kim Kardashian Spent Her 40th Birthday

The world just loves Kim Kardashian. So writing this article is going to be interesting. Cause I love her too. She spent her 40th birthday at a private lavish island. It could have cost more than two million dollars, from the estimates of the resort and details gotten from her luxury private planner of the event.  

What were the Arrangements 

Well turning forty, she had to celebrate in style. So she went to a private island to do this. The celebration was quite a lavish one. She rented out the entire Brando resort based in Polynesia. This is like renting the entire private island. She went to this island with thirty of her best friends using a private jet. 

The activities, drinks, and food were included as she bought out the entire place for the event, the luxury event planner Shah Sonal stated that her clients got extras that the island couldn’t give them. You know how it is with such guests. The entire birthday party on the island cost about eight hundred thousand dollars. This is not including the resort buyout and the private jet. 

Let’s not forget about the COVID pandemic which has sent more than a million people all across the world and it has come with serious restrictions. This didn’t stop Kim Kardashian West from having her birthday on an island with thirty of her family and friends. 

She has been facing a lot of online backlash on her birthday lavish party. But she doesn’t care, she keeps posting about how great a time she had and all the fun they enjoyed. 

After two weeks of health checks by the friends and family Kim her had a birthday with, she went to the island with these people. She stated that all those people that followed her to the party were seriously tested against everything related to Covid. So they were all safe from the virus.

Not everyone knows or has full details about the things that happened during the party, but now we have some things that happened and we can keep our fingers crossed. 

Things included in the Birthday Party

A Private Jet 

This cost about fifty thousand dollars by the hour. 

A complete buyout of the resort. 

This could have been about five hundred thousand dollars for a week. 

Goodie Bags 

These contained SKIMS and GoPros pajamas which could have cost seven hundred dollars per guests 

You see this life, it is necessary to have the number of funds that you take you to whichever part of the world that you want to spend your birthday. In the presence of money, all of these are possible. Imagine she was broke and she didn’t have enough money to fund all of these. She would have had a typical classic birthday. It would have just been cake and some friends at her family home. Even amid the pandemic, she had all the funds to take her people to a resort.