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How Do You Befriend a Celebrity on Social Media?

Have you ever wondered how do you befriend a celebrity on social media. You are in luck, as we have you covered.

How Do You Befriend a Celebrity on Social Media in 4 Steps?

Start by following the celebrity on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.

If you are not on these social media sites, you have to consider signing up. You can find out the name of your celebrity’s account by going to their personal website or searching on the social media app itself, or on Google.

Avoid personal accounts.

Try not to add them in their personal accounts unless you become close friends, which is highly unlikely. Do not try and hound them on their personal accounts, as it may scare them off. If you ignore this, you may end up being ignored or blocked. The fact that you love them doesn’t mean that they will love you. Stick to their public fan accounts and build up the friendship there. Don’t try to come off as pushy, as it may make them see you as a stalker.

Celebrities have had their fair share of stalkers, meaning that they won’t mind avoiding you if you give off those signs.

You should try to comment on their posts.

Let’s say the celebrity makes a post on Twitter with a picture. You shouldn’t write things like, “Wow, you look awesome.” There is a great chance that you may be ignored. They have a lot of fans telling them that, and it does not seem special. Do not try to go on the offensive and start trolling them. It will destroy your chances of being friends with them. Instead, say something relevant and intelligent. Reflect on their post with a charming and savvy comment.

Let’s say that your favorite celebrity made a post about a comment. Instead of liking his or her post, comment creatively. Do not come off as being annoying. Comment in a smart way. Do this over time you will be noticed.

Make posts of those things that you think your favorite celebrity may be interested in it.

Let’s say that she loves dogs. Makes posts about cute and inspirational dogs and other things related to dogs. Use hashtags when you make those posts. If you have been wondering how do you befriend a celebrity on social media, this can help.

Do not attempt to tag the celeb to the post. Stick to using hashtags, and in no time, she will notice you.

Still wondering how do you befriend a celebrity on social media? It is a continuous process. The truth is that celebs usually use the hashtags related to what they like on social media to see what others are saying about that subject. Others, like active Twitter celebs (and married couple) Amanda Palmer and Neil Gaiman, will often communicate with fans and retweet their posts if they are relevant and poignant, especially relating to issues in the news and entertainment industries that touch their lives.