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2021 celebrity gossip highlights

Celebrities are whatever they are today because of the tiny gossips that their followers share about them. As a matter of fact, some of them try to put out a bit of themselves once in a while to spark up the flame of their fame. 2021 is yet a very new year and that doesn’t take away the fact that most of them have given fans some interesting things to talk about.

In this article, we will be looking at some of the latest 2021 celebrity gossips that you will be interested in finding out about. You can also check up their walls and social media pages to find out more about whatever it is they are trending about.

The babies named “Baby”–celebrity beef

Sasha Benz and Jessica Hart may be going toe to toe with each other on who first came up with the name “Baby” for their child. Even though Jessica may have had her baby first in 2017 and claims she got the name from a certain movie she saw in 2017, Sasha says that the names are spelled differently and has no relationship with Jessie’s baby.

Both celebrities are famous influencers and you would be very interested to find out what their fans and followers think about the beef. Do you think it is worth arguing about?

Wizkid’s awkward dressing 

The recent “Ginger” video has got fans asking who the wardrobe manager of Wizkid really is. ALthough the video has everything you would, expect a Wizzy video tok have, it doesn’t so much represent his sense of style. 

Burna Boy obviously killed it–fashion-wise–in the video. Fans are also of the opinion that he did better with the lyrics than Wizkid too. Let’s hope this is then last awkward and weird dressing we will bbe seeing from Wizkid soon.

Zoe Kravitz and Karl Glusman finally divorce

A divokrce may be the nightmare of any marriage but when it comes to celebrities, it looks like something everyone would expect. Everyon’s celebrity couple have broken up in the past few years and its now difficult to place any hope in theikr marriagbes. Zoe and Karl have the same story as their new marriage will be coming to an end.

As mentioned earlier, celebrity divorces don’t surprise anyone anymore. However, what happens after then is what sparks up the gossip flame. As wijthn these two, then gist that came up after the lawsuit was that Zoe is now in a relationship with Channing Tatum, the star of “White House Down.” Well, it has not been confirmed yet, but it would definitely be a shocker.

Other trending gists and gossips, include Azealia and Aimee’s beef in the DM. Well, whatever happens in the DM should, stay in the DM. Im sure you’ll agree. Well, not these two.

Celebrities are in the news everyday for all the reasons they can churn out. Some of them are delebrate for the purpose of followership, others happen naturjally but are still sources of gossip to fans and followers.