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google launches font api

Google Launches Font API

Google has announced the launch of its new Font API which enables anyone to use fancy fonts on their websites. This is done using CSS3′s @font-face. You can select the font from Google’s font directory and they provide your a CSS file to link to. Just add it to your web page and you’re free to use the font anywhere in your CSS.

I currently use Mido from FontSquirrel for headings on this blog. Its basically the same technique. But Google just makes it easier. Also, Google’s font API will be faster and also you can save a handful of bandwidth by not loading the font files from your server.

Google’s API competes directly with the freemium service TypeKit and the still-in-stealth service FontDeck. But, Google’s font directory is still very young and they have only 18 fonts available currently, compared to TypeKit’s 400+ fonts. But, its Google. The font directory will expand rapidly very soon. Also, its free. Who doesn’t love freebies !?

One Response

To be able to use fancy fonts whenever you want to? That sounds like a 13-year-old’s dream come true! Seriously, I don’t think we need something like this now when bad grammar and spelling are already enough to hurt our eyes.