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good bye chrome back to good old firefox

Good Bye Chrome, Back to Good Old FireFox

I’ve been using Google Chrome as my primary browser for the past 6 months, before which I was a loyal Firefox user. As with all of them, I missed my FF addons for the first few days. Then, I got used to Chrome. I fell in love with its lightness and speed. After months of using only, the problems began to surface. The browser began to lag a lot. It began to crash a lot. People say that due to its multi-process approach, one rogue website wouldn’t affect the other tabs. But it wasn’t so in my case. One non-responsive flash video on a page, made the entire Chrome "not responding".

The main culprit was the Flash plugin. It makes me shut down Chrome via Task Manager -> Processes, 3-5 times a day. My entire computer appeared to slow down because of Chrome. Also, when I have large number of tabs open and switch from one tab to another, the new tab that I switched to remains blank. And the content slowly appear from the top, like a powerpoint animation.

So, now I’m back and happy with Firefox. So, what I’d like to say to the readers ? If you’re an average Web user, using a browser for nothing more than browsing few pages, then you can very well replace Chrome for IE. But, if you are like me, leaving Flash videos loading on 5 tabs, Java applets on 2, Chatting in 1 tab and Browsing in 10 other tabs, then probably Chrome isn’t for you.

For those who’re thinking of switching back to FF from Chrome, I’d tell you that FF is a lot more than just a web browser. Check out Mozilla Labs. They’ve some ubercool experiments like Ubiquity, Weave, Prism which will really change they way you use a web browser. (Tip: If you’re a developer, check out Bespin project).

As an additional information, I’ll be participating in the Mozilla Design Challenge. Where in the world will I publish my ideas other than this blog of mine ? So, stay tuned.

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I too am bouncing back and forth between Chrome and Fire Fox. Internet Explorer is not even a beta version and is terrible right now.

The only thing I don’t like about FireFox is that it seems slow compared to Chrome. And I like the way I can drag a tab into another Chrome browser. But I do like the plugins for Fire Fox. So I guess I’ll keep bouncing a little more.

Trust me, Firefox is really faster and less memory intensive than Chrome. It just seems to be the other way, just when you have lesser number of tabs open.

With about 30 tabs open, FF would still rock. Chrome will give up in a situation like that.


What version of flash are you using? My Flash problem went away when I upgraded Flash to the latest version.

I’m using version 10. I suppose it is the latest version.

I like chrome, but firefox is the best to me also because of the addon. Chrome uses a lot of memory. It makes my pc slow and I hate when it crashes.