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get an awesome twitter follow badge

Get An Awesome Twitter Follow Badge

twitter-badgr All along i’ve been a huge fan of Uservoice’s “Feedback” button that sits fixed on the edge of the browser screen. I’ve become a Twitter fan since 1 month ago. Now, there is something like that button for Twitter and it is super-easy to put it on your website, thanks to Go2Web20. Just go to their page, and enter some details to customize your widget and you are good to go.

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Nice. That’s a REAL good utilization of that empty space. It’s not looking bad either. People should probably start putting social buttons etc. there.

The twitter badge is nice – I will need to add that to my health insurance blog as well.

Thanks for the info.

Any way to get the button hosted on our own site?



As of now, that is not possible i suppose..


I just published a post on how to do this yourselves. It is much more flexible. Check out the post.

Very cool badges. Thanks for sharing these