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How To Do the Healthy Skinny Girl Diet

Most people look at skinny girls and assume they must be starving themselves, but 80% of the time, this assumption is wrong! Just because a girl is skinny, doesn’t mean they aren’t healthy. Supermodels like Bella and Gigi Hadid are perfect examples of this!

If you want to maintain a healthy and attractive womanly figure, the healthy skinny girl diet can help you achieve this. Whether you have a week, two weeks, or a month to lose a few pounds, these skinny girl diet tips below will give your body the change you’re looking for.

4 Ways to Do the Healthy Skinny Girl Diet

1. Fill your diet with water.

Drinking lots of water can do wonders for your body, so always begin your day with two glasses of water. Doing this helps start your body’s metabolism process and flushes toxins out of your body.

During the day, stick to drinking plain water when you get thirsty, as it has no calories. Drinking lots of water can also help control your hunger, therefore preventing you from consuming a high percentage of calories. Water is also a healthy drink with zero side effects and lots of health benefits!

2. Eat lots of fiber.

Fiber is both great for your health and for speeding up weight loss. This is because foods rich in fiber help keep your stomach full for hours after you eat. Unfortunately, most people eat only half as much fiber as the body requires.

To take on the healthy skinny girl diet, eat a lot of high fiber foods. These foods take more chewing time and can give your stomach time to register when it’s no longer hungry. This ensures your body has enough food, but not too much food. High fiber foods also have fewer calories. To ensure you consume a lot of fiber, start your day with oats, muesli, and wheat flakes. You can also include fruits and salads to your diet to boost your fiber consumption.

3. Reduce your salt consumption.

Salt contains lots of sodium, which increases water retention in your body and can make you look and feel bloated. So go easy on salty snacks such as pretzels and chips. Also, salt is addictive, so you might find yourself craving these empty calories. To get a healthy skinny girl shape, you must fight this craving, because one small pack of chips contains about 500 calories. Avoid salty beverages and snacks, and stick to healthy fruits and veggies instead.

4. Eat lean proteins.

Proteins are essential for the healthy skinny girl diet. They provide the building blocks for the body to function properly. They also carry molecules through your body, keeping your bones and muscles strong. This keeps your slim body healthy.

When eating protein, choose lean protein foods such as eggs, pork, legumes, seafood, and tofu.

Creating a diet around these tips above, as well as sensible food choices in general, will help you get skinny in no time! Remember to carry out regular exercise along with your diet for the best results.

And if things get too serious on this diet and you want to lighten the mood, remember that laughter is the best medicine! Try out these cheese puns and see if they make you chuckle. And good luck on your dieting journey!